Year 48 Day One

Today is my birthday.  Yesterday I completed my 47th year.  I’m in midst of many transitions at present.  My body, my creative flow, my teaching, my art.

I am reaching in to my Devotion, connecting to my passion for Life   I am following the juice to quench my insatiable thirst for Alignment with  the Divine Body, the Body of Earth.

I’ve been quiet lately.   Dancing in my Labyrinth.

In the interest of living my intention of sharing my creative life and process more openly, I am beginning my 48th year with a series.  It is simply Me, and my Art.  Portraiture has been calling me for awhile now, with emphasis on the self portrait as creative storytelling.  I believe all the art I make is a self portrait to some degree as it expresses what is true within me.  And I want to see myself.  I want to play more.  Art excites me.  I am celebrating Life.


Living a playful creative artist life. One day at a time.

About Jeanie Anthony

Living a Creative Life, deep in the woods of wonderful Washington State.
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3 Responses to Year 48 Day One

  1. So excited to read this post and I look forward to see the portrait series

  2. Happy birthday!! Love the new series idea – I look forward to it! Hope you’re well!!

  3. I love you Jeanie and the way you set such alovely example of BEING…It made me smile when I read your post because for the first time I am painting me ….larger than life …I am in the process of starting Deep and I am called to witness my own story and my life and where I am today and the path this may take me on…Yesterday when I started I think I was dealing with some labour pains …today just a bit headachy….But my heArt knows this is where I will go in Deep ..So happy I will be able to witness your beauty through your painting ,story telling Time… what an exciting time we live in…

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