When the Mystery calls us to Transformation


I’m feeling a deep need for shapeshifting in my life at this time.  It feels natural and good, the kind of growth that comes from expanding beyond the confines of old stories, old clothing, or limiting beliefs.

Wearing the new and chosen adornments, that fit us, the who we are now.

I’ve been feeling called back into the blog arena with a new focus and intention.  Soul’s Voice has been my blog for 3 years now.  Mostly I began it while my site jeananthony.net was undergoing it’s own major transformations.  For awhile I was wondering if I really needed two websites?  I was unsure about a lot of things regarding who I was in the world, how I wanted to appear on the internet, and what was the truth of my medicine?  What did I truly offer, in my greatest strengths and vulnerabilities?  Could I shine as bright as the star that was burning in my belly?

I’ve decided to use Soul’s Voice as my primary blog for personal and creative transformative experiences.  It’s about me, and what I’m experiencing on my deep medicine journey.  I want to include more of the things I care about, from more angles: Health, nutrition, clean food, body presence, harmonious practices living in co-creation with Earth, Organic Farming, and things that I want to learn about and expand my wholeness, places my soul is urging me to go, learning more from the animals, plants and landscapes around me.

Last night, my partner showed me an article about the Orca whales in the PNW, about their extreme levels of intelligence, their brains that have more folds than humans.  I got an instant hit guiding me into following my ancestry into the sea with the Orcas. I can’t wait to see and feel where that takes me.

So, what I’m trying to let you know is my blog will be changing and growing and including more of me, more of my spirit, more of my longings, the edges I’m pushing, the curious mysteries I am following.  If that interests you, please come along.  I am moving away from the sound bites of social media  platforms and returning the place of writing out the stories, the details, living the way my body says “do it!”  Slowing, wisening, deepening, exploring.

The blog I have over at jeananthony.net will likely be more about my art journey, when I’m releasing new paintings and services, that sort of networking energy.  You can sign up over there for that sort of news if you like.  

I am excited to keep going, and growing and shapeshifting my life.  Thanks for being on the journey with me.  Love hearing from you!

Blessings, Blessings, Blessings!

About Jeanie Anthony

Living a Creative Life, deep in the woods of wonderful Washington State.
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2 Responses to When the Mystery calls us to Transformation

  1. mel says:

    hallooooooo!!! miz Jeanie! it’s so good to see you writing here….and i’m delighted i’ll be seeing more of you in ye olde blogosphere. having given up the social media circus for some time now, i can say, emphatically, that i’m much happier scribbling away in bloggy spaces.

    much love to you!! xoxo
    mel recently posted…ebb tideMy Profile

  2. Kim says:

    Your words about transformation really stirred something in me. I am looking forward to seeing where this journey takes you and maybe going on one of my own.
    Kim recently posted…Wisdom from Willamette Writers ConferenceMy Profile

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