What do you hear? What do you feel? What do you see?


I’m starting a new project.  It involves combining my music with painting.  Singing and Painting that is vibrationally matched.  It is bit like the way I do my energy portraits.  Mostly it is about connecting with the energy of our life force, the sparkly kind that we tend to attribute to the spirit realms and letting the visual artwork be informed by the emotional vibrations we experience while connecting to what music arouses in us.

I have never listened to my own music while I paint.  In fact, I rarely listen to music at all.  And almost never when I am painting.  I tend to prefer the quiet, the rise and fall of my own imagination, listening to the nuances of my feelings while I swish around the brush and push paint with my fingers.

I have sung to myself while painting, and only briefly.  Because usually when I sing to myself I burst into tears, my heart swelling, body vibrating, moments when I can allow myself complete overwhelm by the sensations of sound resonating my throat and my chest, for moments letting go to the deep healing rising from within.

That is what I experience when I sing.  Deep resonance.  Feelings of complete aliveness, comfort and Love.

So I will try this.  Painting and Singing together.  To me, each of these acts requires full body presence, so I imagine this will be challenging.  I become fully engaged with each process so much so that all else stops, a spiral in time while I dance with my Spirit, when only this love exists.  This could be quite interesting.  I have used my voice as a tool for healing the body, and now exploring how this may enhance my experience of letting go to the painter within.

I would call this my part of the  painting invitation to expansion that I am crafting.  This new project involves inviting other artists to paint to my music, to see what imagery and energy is aroused by following the doorways that are opened using my songs as painting meditations.

The final product is to be a “music video”.  Gallery style.  Images set to music that have arisen from the same.  Feelings, emotions, inspirations, birthed by fearless painters in the style of intuitive expression.

I have a particular tune in mind with which to begin . And two women have begun their painting journeys to create from the soul with “Goddess Woman Tree”,  a song from my album, “Singing My Soul Home”.  (listen to the sample track #13)

Would you like to join the circle of painters?  Nearly 2 minutes of images are needed to fill the sacred space we will create together.

please send an email (found on the contact page)  or use this form below to accept the invitation.

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I can give you more details about painting with us, or participating in the project in other ways as well.  Video, Photography, Sculpture…..

How does your muse speak?

 If you would like to read more about the project, GO HERE.

For some backstory about my music, visit the Music page here on this website

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