Waxing with Mother Earth


The art has been flowing, the blogging a bit slower.

I spent the weekend melting wax and blowing it around the substrate.  Not only do I find that relaxing, I like the way it eases me into letting go, trusting that the medium knows exactly what it is doing and all I need to do is observe, be curious and experiment.

I began with a simple beeswax foundation, layering and flowing with the contrast of melting and hardening, translucence and opacity.  Patiently I built up a thick coating to serve as a mixing ground for the colors I was waiting to employ.  I wanted to keep it simple since I am gathering valuable insights from “less is more”.

Alizarin Crimson, Turquoise, Manganese Violet, and eventually Celadon Green with a dash of Indigo.

I love “over fusing” and melting the whole surface all the way down to wood!  Swirling pools of mixing color stirs delight within me.


My focused intention for the piece below is part of my FEARLESS painting invitations in the Fall segment of my 10 month teacher training program IGNITE.

I am inspired to explore layering organic materials with the wax.

Since we had a warm dry fall here in the Pacific NW, the leaves stayed on the trees longer, turning many shades of yellow, orange, red and brown.  We didn’t rake the leaves this year, so I had many fallen treasures to choose from in my gathering of jewels.

Cedar bark and bough, Maple leaf and seed pod and a few mosses found their way into my exploration of Earth Wisdom (Feminine Cycles) in the turning of the Seasons.

My color palette:  Alizarin Orange, Turquoise, Green Gold, Green Earth, clear beeswax.

This was a dance with texture, topography, layering, color, shape, Nature, Fire, resin, wax.  I feel deeply connected to the circle of Life when I share in the process of transition and transformation.

I also devoured the documentation process here, making many photographs, diving into detail, recognizing the artist voice again and again.












I love exploring encaustic media.  I am finding a connection to the flowing quality of natural elements and my ability to flow with my own creative impulses.  It is helping me let go and unfold into my Soul’s artistic wisdom.  Playing with the Earth elements, seed pods, bark and leaves is waking a connection to my body that is welcomed.  I am opening to deeper listening to the Earth and to myself.

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Living a Creative Life, deep in the woods of wonderful Washington State.
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4 Responses to Waxing with Mother Earth

  1. This process which have so freely shared and the depth of your piece just touches me so deeply…I haven’t yet begun this part of the class but am very anxious to start…It,s the depth and the organic pieces of life that thrill me about your creation..and what I look forward to doing…I have yet to start because like a prize i seem to be savoring the whole deliciousness of it..You have added temptation to my appetite for jumping in…Thank you for this beautiful share of of who you are…

  2. carolynphillipsuk says:

    Oh I love how you describe the process, and like you I am a fan of overfusing. The second piece with all the natural elements is beautiful.

  3. Lisa says:

    These are STUNNING!! I want to write more, but I want to go share this link so others can see your fascinating work…and the process you are going through. SO much going on here, …you “unfolding into your soul’s artistic wisdom” gives me the chills and just wants to make me hug you. Thank you!!

  4. Celia Macqueen says:

    Jeanie I love this, So inspiring, ideas popping into my beingness as I read and then “Pow” I saw the pictures…what came thru you…uniquely you:). brilliant, love it.

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