Unfolding Witness ~ 1000 days ~ The Wise Body

Day eight yellowbarnDay Eight ~ Yellow Barn


Day nine Music on FireDay Nine ~ Music on Fire


Day ten maple mossDay Ten ~ Mossy Maples


Today is the 17th day of my quest into my body’s story of unfolding witness. I am beginning to feel the effect of repetitive motion upon my drive.I am hungry to go out walking every day.

I had worried at first that I would miss some days because life got busy or I was tired, or the weather was daunting. So far, no. That has not happened.

I have made space for myself to have time alone, to reflect in rhythm, to breathe deeply the cool air of our NW Spring to Summer transition. 

I am welcoming the new routine of prioritizing the movement of my sacred vessel instead of squeaking it in if time allows.  Putting the physical,  emotional, creative self first instead of the mental, intellectual, technical processes feels like a deep honoring of awareness for tending the needs of Earth.

Day eleven sentinel firDay Eleven ~ Sentinel Fir

Day twelve panelsDay Twelve ~ Gluing up Panels

Day twelve foxgloveDay Twelve ~ Foxglove


The Focus of my daily photo has already begun to shift from the original encounter along my walk, to the larger shamanic journey that is my daily life.  It is all the same lens, eyes of wonder and a grateful heart. I am eager for what I will encounter and create with each day’s quest.

I am growing roots into my journey, purpose that outweighs overwhelm or indecision. The desire to move deeper is holding me eye to eye with my intention and face to face with adventure.


Day thirteen cloudscapeDay Thirteen ~ Cloudscape


Day fourteen dropletsDay Fourteen ~ Droplets


Day fifteen tiny violetsDay Fifteen ~ Tiny Violets


The insights I am gathering from being with Nature in her most basic and common incarnations are guiding me toward a greater alignment with essential purpose.

I am finding new and complex ideas beginning to form, glimpses into a broader and richer life vision, the realization that this “simple” journey will yield much more than I can imagine. 


Day sixteen johnny jump up

Day Sixteen ~ Johnny Jump Up


Day seventeen heart fluteDay Seventeen ~ Finding My Heart


This Journey is quickly becoming 1000 days of magic at every turn as I am becoming more aware of my body and how magnificent it truly is with its basic need for movement and beauty.  That I can give myself what I need by listening with openness and responding with Love, seems so simple yet so often gets overlooked in our culture.  I am grateful that I have given myself this gift of deepening into daily life.

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Living a Creative Life, deep in the woods of wonderful Washington State.
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6 Responses to Unfolding Witness ~ 1000 days ~ The Wise Body

  1. Jill Marie says:

    Such depth and beauty in your words, your photos, your Soul. Honoring to witness your journey 😉

  2. RitaJC says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your journey!
    RitaJC recently posted…Baby StepsMy Profile

  3. Jeanie, I love these photos and your sharing your days here! It’s a great idea and it makes my day, knowing I can come to a place where there is a bit of beauty to start the day! 🙂
    Indigene Theresa Gaskin recently posted…Walking in Nature’s InspirationMy Profile

  4. mel says:

    oh, Jeanie!!

    this makes my heart smile so very widely! what a glorious adventure you’re on…such beautiful images and such profound wisdoms.

    i think a journey of a 1000 days is precisely something i could benefit from….

    much love!! mel xoxox

  5. Deanna says:

    Your words are so poetic, it’s like I can feel a little of what you experience on your journey. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  6. Amy O'Toole says:

    Reading this is so amazing, and it truly does stir something in my heart. I do desire to make that shift; to make caring for myself and connecting with nature a priority. There is a twinge of sadness, a feeling that it is not possible for me yet. Still, I believe I will find a way to live that is more in alignment with my desire for these experiences.

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