The Dreaming Universe

“This song fell from a portal in the sky into my lap, or should I say unto my bivouac sack as I lay quietly under  the stars, on night 3 of my solo vision quest in the desert mountains of eastern Washington, Summer Solstice year 2005.

I had been praying for a vision to guide my life, my practice as an apprentice to the Spirits, visiting the wild desert land of the region in which I have made my home since arriving upon the sands of the Great Mother Herself.

I had chosen to sleep on the third night, instead of staying up all night praying, I asked to be shown what I needed to know in the Dreamtime.

I awoke in the blackness, greeted by the stars, a large triangular constellation began speaking to me.  When the voice continued for more than two sentences I realized this was what I had been longing for….. scrambling for the small notepad and pencil stub that was stashed under the corner of my ground tarp, in the darkness I scratched out the voices of a people echoing the wisdom from Stars to Earth.

With this message came a flow of light so brilliantly blue, resonating my heart and my hands.

My heart and my body filled with gratitude, I knew I had been given the gift of a lifetime.  A song.  A vision.  I would not leave the desert empty handed, and so I must give this gift, from the Star People, to the Earth People.”

Dreaming Universe from Jeanie Anthony on Vimeo.


Later the next year, this song became the opening track of my first album,  “Singing My Soul Home”, produced by my fledgling record label “Journey Home Records” in 2006.

The process of writing, performing, recording, producing and offering my music to the world has been a life changing, empowering, creative experience.  And now several years later I am exploring the creative journey of blending my music with visual art, photography and painting.

Dreaming Universe (the video) contains my own photography.  And the upcoming video, “Goddess Woman Tree” is represented by a tribe of talented painting women that I am deeply grateful for.  I’m aiming for the video’s release before the end of 2012.


To see the new video “Goddess Woman Tree”  go here.




Join me on the Journey.  Heart, Earth, Art, Love, Soul.




Jeanie is deeply in love with the Divine Earth.  Her constant companions are the Trees, Eagles, Ravens, Salmon and the Voices of the Ancestors who have lived in the storm shadow of Cloud Mountain.  When she’s not rustling up a living in the city, you’ll find her dreaming, singing, painting and creating in her studio, nestled in the woods at the edge of a mountain, in the beautiful North Cascades.  See what she’s been up to at Soul’s Voice ~ Shamanic Oracle Arts


About Jeanie Anthony

Living a Creative Life, deep in the woods of wonderful Washington State.
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  1. Natasha says:

    Love the video! Bugger I should have waited!! 🙂 Your CD arrived today, thank you so much. xx Loved reading the history behind the song.

  2. Jeanie …you already know that my connections to your voice and words are strong …still so nice to wake in the morning and view your beautiful video….bless you dear sister

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