The Art of Little Drum

Little Drum is a connection I made during my apprenticeship with the Spirits in Nature.  She is a woman deeply in love with Life.  Her allies make appearance in her Art.

I am an artist, a guide, an image maker and storyteller.

I am a Dream Crafter. 

I have discovered that what we believe is what we create.

We are Divine beings and full of Love.  There is nowhere to get to.  We are already here.  There is no healer outside of ourselves.  Love is the force within that creates all, awakens all, heals all.  

I am a Spirit Medium.

I sing the song of Trees.  

To make art is to experience life.  To share our art is to co-create a meaningful life on Earth.

My helping practice now consists more fully of being a witness, a reflective heart, a channel for joy, beauty and creative flow.  

 I sing, I write, I paint.

My favorite act of creativity is to hold a mirror, for you to see the Divine in You.

I dream of Eagles.

Raven song makes me cry.

I paint with encaustic wax for alchemical shamanic healing

My life took a turn when I chose to believe in myself.

I guide personal intensives for creating with your soul’s voice

I drum myself to sleep

I belong

I live on Cloud Mountain

I guide playshops in intuitive painting, deep listening and body awareness.

I am a Hollow Bone for the Great Mystery

photo collage created by Jean Cahn



My main website is

Some of my photos are here:

Little Drum’s Dreamtree ~ Where Trees Dream the World





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