Stirring the Cauldron

Nearly a month ago, I submitted art and stories as a guest on two sister artist blogs.  Hali Karla’s Artist Healer Circle for Lily Wheel Slide and Lisa Rough’s BIG BRAVE BLOG HULLABALOO on her website Sacred Circle.

Preparing for these guest posts was an exercise in diving deep, looking in my own Soul Mirror and listening for the stories that were ready to emerge.  I dug into my treasure trove of past creations to see what needed dusting off, I sat in front of a video camera ad-libbing, laughing and testing the waters of technology.

The reflection I saw reminded me of the journey I began many years ago when I began asking the question:  The gifts I was given must have some meaning, must be helpful to someone, somewhere?  This ability that I have to feel emotions so deeply must be useful somehow?  I can sense the feelings of others, I can communicate with living beings that do not speak in human terms, I can deeply feel the power of the Elements that make up all of life.  What good can this be?  How can I use these skills to better my life and the lives of others?

And the answers I’ve received have come from a place of Divine Inheritance.  Making music, art, poetry come from a deeply emotional place in my being.  It comes from my longing to be with Earth, to sit beneath the Tree people, calling with Raven and dancing with Eagle.  The river flows quickly at my feet, wind rustles my hair and kisses my face.

Sharing this feeling, this knowing…..expressing my Love of Earth, my connection to the Wisdom of Stars, what else need there be?

I am on a journey of connection.  I am experiencing myself as Artist, as creator, a window, a mirror, a door.  I am stirring the cauldron of stars within my belly, connecting with the womb of creation, The Void.  I make art because I love.

Into the Jungle
Acrylic on Canvas 30 x 30


How much Love can a Body and Soul hold?  I give my power of attention to the beings that I love.  I find resonance in the Earth herself, as a living, breathing creatrix.

I belong to Earth.  I belong to Sky.  I belong to the Universe.



About Jeanie Anthony

Living a Creative Life, deep in the woods of wonderful Washington State.
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4 Responses to Stirring the Cauldron

  1. Ah dear dear Jeanie you speak directly to my heart …Your feelings are my own…sometimes the feelings of love are overwhelming…Bless you

  2. Lynna G says:

    Beautiful. Evocative. Soul stirring. Magical. Love the color and the mood of this piece.

  3. Jill Marie says:

    your words and your art…so deeply beautiful, thank you.

  4. hali says:

    “…as a living, breathing creatrix.” *swoon*
    i love the way you journey your truth, sister.

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