Reflections of 1000 days ~ deepening


1000daysDay18candy1000daysDay18saladDay 18 ~ Food!  

I am really enjoying the slower pace I am cultivating in my body.  Having a daily walk is regulating my feelings of timing.  I am paying attention to what my body really wants to express and to explore.  Sharing sweets with my sweetie is exciting and decadent, balanced out by a cool and spicy dinner meeting me with satisfaction after a busy day.


1000daysDay19hands1000daysDay19masksDay 19 is the Summer Solstice

To celebrate the Solstice this year I was in full on art mode.  I’ve been dancing with a painting for more than a year that has been whispering  for elements of texture and relief.  Casting from my elemental spirit body is the perfect addition to this upcoming work.


1000daysDay20chamomileDay 20 ~ Chamomile



Day 21 ~ Lychnis in the city



Day 22 ~ Encaustic Wax

This summer’s art exploration and skill building belongs to encaustics.  The slow and sensual act of melting and mixing, layering and building up, learning to torch with ease and grace is a meditative and grounding experience for my body.  There is purpose and poise, awareness and curiosity and color!  Oh, there is color!

 1000daysDay23dupfire1000daysDay23fireweedDay 23 ~Fireweed

Fireweed is my partner’s favorite wild flower.  It brings bees. Or rather brings his favorite honey flavor.  We have a few “old growth” fireweed plants in our trail to the creek.


1000daysDay24longhornDay 24 ~ Neighbors

I like to visit our neighboring ranches and farms to talk with the animals.  Having been a city girl most of my life, I still delight in getting up close with the 4 leggeds.

1000daysDay25friendsDay 25

Consulting old friends reminds me to slow down and appreciate the bonds we have between our selves and the earth and each other.  We belong to each other.

Each walk, each day I am remembering what life felt like before phones and computers and rushing to nowhere and everywhere.  I am remembering what matters to me.  I can hear my body express when she is tired, hungry, bursting with excitement, afraid, satisfied and overwhelmed.  My mind is clearing.  My spine is healing as I stretch and move with intention.  I am truly in appreciation of the life I am living.  And I can feel where I want to grow and expand.  I am less confused about the whirlwind of media and more certain of the voice that is mine.  And so far we are on day 25.  Now that excites me.


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Living a Creative Life, deep in the woods of wonderful Washington State.
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11 Responses to Reflections of 1000 days ~ deepening

  1. Cynthia Lee says:

    those food photos … oh my. So good and really just so inviting. I love this project. One of my favorite posts each week.
    Cynthia Lee recently posted…the scattered life collectiveMy Profile

  2. mel says:

    oh, Jeanie!! this is so very juicy stuff!! ah, the slower pace, the attending to body and spirit….it fills my heart with glee!! i find myself in a similar space…easing out of the busy world and into that quiet solitude and stillness where i can hear my soul speak.

    so much love to you!! (i’m glad your spine is feeling better!!)

    mel xoxox

  3. The summer solstice always has a way of jumpstarting all my senses. It’s sort of like an awakening of the spirit to the sun, nature and all life entities! I found that my senses are more acute during this time and my energy levels are soaring, too! I love your photos and deep resonance of your words; it all appeals to my senses and I feel such a deep connection with your spirit. This is so wonderful! Thanks for sharing your spirit with all of us!

    • Jeanie Anthony says:

      Thank you Indigene! I love connecting with you too. Seems we see often through similar eyes and feelings. Glad you feel energized, the summer is so amazing this year and just getting started! Blessings to you.

  4. Tami Chacon says:

    Jeanie – so beautiful and inspiring. feel I am on your walks with you and the FOOD!!! Yumminess. Listening to our body is so vital.

    • Jeanie Anthony says:

      Tami! Where would a blog about enjoyment and a body be if we left out the FOOD! Thanks for coming along on the journey. 🙂

  5. Kim says:

    I love these posts–so many gorgeous, rich images. I feel like I had a little break every time I visit you. Thank you for sharing this journey!

  6. Jeanie Anthony says:

    Hi Kim! Glad you are finding some rest in the images. Grateful to know my voice adds peace to the world. Thanks for visiting!

  7. Deanna says:

    So many luscious images and the horse photo is fantastic. I love to see the results of your weekly wanderings.
    Deanna recently posted…Playing with Spectrum Noir Colored PencilsMy Profile

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