Reflecting Divine in Soul Mirror Sessions

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These days, being an artist, musician, channel for the beauty of Earth, and a mentor for authentic creative self expression is where I am focusing my creative, empathic, expressive devotion.

I’ve been a healer, counselor, guide, bodyworker, musician, artist,  compassionate listener and Nature loving empathic channel for 27 circles of Earth around the Sun.  My life’s journey has been about remembering, reclaiming and expressing authentic voice.

In Soul Mirror Sessions, I bring forward my gifts as a medium to hold a powerful space of Love and Divine Grace for people to relax into, open up and be with themselves in their own authenticity without masks  —  showing up for self in loving acceptance.

In a session with me, all sense of separateness dissolves, love sets the rhythm for a powerful release and letting go of the stories that obscure our sightlines to Oneness with Divine Source.

It is an experience of feeling and flowing, diving deeply into your own knowing, remembering on a body and soul level your true heart’s longing.  Together we open a pathway to creating what you want –> a clear vision for your life.  Your own deep knowing is activated in clear and tangible Presence.

Breathe deeply, connect with your body, connect with Earth.  Open your presence to The Presence and surrender to the nurturing vibration of your Divine Soul Reflection.  Go deeper than you thought you could, as we open to a resonant field that reminds and remembers and reactivates your ability to feel and act upon your own knowing — at the level of Universal Soul.

A Soul Mirror Session is a gift to yourself.  It is about stepping fully into where you are at the moment and seeing your Divine Reflection.  It is simply powerful.



Jeanie is deeply in love with the Divine Earth.  Her constant companions are the Trees, Eagles, Ravens, Salmon and the Voices of the Ancestors who have lived in the storm shadow of Cloud Mountain.  When she’s not rustling up a living in the city, you’ll find her dreaming, singing, painting and creating in her studio, nestled in the woods at the edge of a mountain, in the beautiful North Cascades.  See what she’s been up to at  Soul’s Voice Creative Arts and Intuition


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Living a Creative Life, deep in the woods of wonderful Washington State.
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