Painting a Prayer

Prayer of Gratitude by Jo Anne Parker


This painting is a prayer of Gratitude from my friend Jo Anne Parker.  I am honored that she would paint for me, sharing her big heart and flowing this beautiful image.  It came from a place that had no words, but a deep connection to her creative self, an outpouring of Love.

Recently I had shared with her from my own deep well of creative love, a song, a blessing, a reminder from the Divine Presence of her connection to the Source of Universal dreaming…..

I had been wondering how was the reading?  Did she relate? Was it meaningful for her?    And this response arrived the next day in my inbox:

“Oh Jeanie….

No one has ever given anything like this to me ever….This gift you gave is so pure and so divine….It filled me with love and true connection…It soothed my spirit and gave me renewed hope . I just finished listening to it all and in the time I sat and LISTENED AND FELT i WENT FROM BEING SO SAD AND OVERWHELMED to soft and comforted and appreciative of all that is, including me…I would wish this for all…

Your gift is powerful.loving and i tell you clearly I heard your voice but I heard all that you spoke for and saw where it was coming from…The images were clear.  Words cannot be enough to express my feelings.. Before i sat and listened I had been considering a prayer painting on the word Help because I felt so alone…Now …not so ..I will paint a prayer of gratitude…This is just so very Big I can’t say more,… I will just have to feel it. and share it…

 Bless you Sister for sharing this amazing gift with me…I will hold this close for all time..”


As I sat on my porch in the early morning sun reading this prayer of gratitude, I cried salty tears for all of the times I too have longed to remember the sweet feeling of being Loved by a Grand Universe….for the remembering that my creative voice in the world makes meaning.

Thank you sister for your prayer of gratitude.

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  1. with women like you in the world how can we not heal….blessings sweet sister

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