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A discussion was raised in one of my facebook groups about listening to intuition.  The question was asked, (and I’m paraphrasing) “How do you know the difference between the good kind of fear that is warning you away from something and when you are afraid of doing something that feels more like a resistance?”

The idea sparked lots of discussion about how to follow your guidance: using the feelings of body wisdom, does it feel positive or negative, is the mind dominating instead of the heart, trust the whispers, and more…..Eventually the topic evolved into following the path of heart vs doing what you think you “should” based on outside influences, relationships, making money, etc.

I realized I had a lot of feelings about this, and wanted to write about it here on my blog that is essentially about living my passion and trusting my intuition.

It seems to me there is a common belief that if you are following your heart in life, you won’t make much money…’ll be poor.  “Other” work in the world has to be distasteful or painful or a drain on one’s life force.

I know that I have held similar beliefs.  Upon some examination of why I felt compelled to remain self employed all these years even when business was lousy, I unearthed some interesting thoughts that had been fueling my beliefs about money and work.  “If I have to work a regular job….I will lose my freedom.”  “If I’m working for someone else, I will be living their life and feeding their dream, not my own.”

And yet somehow I was not valueing my own work in a way that allowed me to thrive in the world.   The single act that changed this belief for me was looking deep enough to see what I truly wanted for my life.  I wanted to believe in me.  I wanted to thrive in life just by being me.

My intention nowadays is to follow my heart and make my living doing what I love.  Doing what comes naturally to me, sharing the strengths that came along with me into the world. For me this is expressing my Love for Life, Nature and Mystery through visual art, music and singing, offering inspiration through  beauty and passion.  Manifesting Mirrors of Divine Love to help us remember who we really are and where we come from.

Living your passion is a powerful stance.  It allows for the deepest wisdom to come forth and guide.  Being who I am meant to be in the world means being in harmony with life.  Trust flows in this position, creativity flows in this position, and life grows, bringing more opportunities to express love.


Now, back to the initial question:  How do we listen effectively to our innate guidance, or as I am fond of saying, our Soul’s Voice?

What I have discovered to be true time and again, is that the problem is not in our listening.  We know our answers.  Our heart is constantly singing them to us in what we are attracted to and what we love.  The disconnect happens when we second guess the message.  We let our minds tell us stories of how and what might happen if we choose against what is “expected” of us.  Will other’s think we are “selfish” if we do for ourselves and not seemingly for others?  Even though we know deep down, we can’t give from an empty well.  I believe we were put on earth to develop each of our unique talents — to be that intrinsic puzzle piece, we are the threads woven in tapestry that create the fabric of the Universe….

There are a thousand reasons why we talk ourselves out of following the whispers of our intuition.  We let our minds scare us, we let our past advise outcomes, instead of trusting the inner voice and moving forward into the dreams of our lifetime.  It is not that we don’t know how to listen, we don’t know when to shut up!  We strong arm our Soul’s Voice into submission.  Or we try rather.

Because that voice is never truly quieted.  It is always within us and always singing.  We know how to be quiet and listen, what needs more cultivation is learning to sing along,  with the song of the heart.

Sing a lullaby song to your restless mind. Soothe the worry with your loving heart and pave the way for your dreams.  Your dream is strong, your Soul knows the path.  Cultivate beliefs that support who you truly are.  You are loved.  You are Love.  You are a thriving artist.  

I am a thriving artist.  I spread Love and Joy in the world.  I trust my own wise counsel.  I believe in myself and my abilities.

When people hold themselves in high esteem, this vibration will dominate on the planet. When we believe, we create the lives we desire.  The power is within us.  Believe and answer the call.

Retire the words, “It’s so hard,”  “I don’t know how,”  “I’m living in poverty,”  “I have to get a ‘real’ job.”

Following your heart is your real job!

Remind yourself daily:  Life gets easier, fuller, brighter, clearer, when I follow my dreams.

Appreciate with Gratitude everthing you have:  All the re-sources, people, relationships, ideas, creative flow and all that is coming.


My Soul’s Voice knows what I want, what I need and how to create it in the world.  It is always speaking to me.  If I answer the call.


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Color equals Passion

This feels like a good day to post about what I am grateful for in my life.

I am living in tune with my deepest desires.  I am happy to confirm that I deeply believe in myself and I am creating the life I want to be living.

I am painting from my heart.  I allow my thinking mind to chime in on occasion, which at this point is adding texture and flavor and “food for thought”.

I awaken in the mornings remembering that I can choose love to guide my day or be swept  along by the waves… choice.

Life is like a pretty box of watercolors…..dreamy.  Color is rich and powerful, inspirational and healing.


The more I step into my skin, with courage, the fuller my heart becomes.  Compassion grows within me and I express my love with Passion.

The smoothness of an avocado is delicately sweet and sensual.

I have a healthy body.  I can walk, run and dance.  I can feel the song of Life pulse through my body.  And when I am still and quiet I can hear what she wants from me, for me and how I can bring forth goodness and light with embodied acts of creativity:  A smile, a kiss, a painting, a song.

I am reminded to speak what is in my heart, never taking for granted that others know what I am feeling, thinking or intending.  Sharing love brings more love into the world.

My friends tell me my art, music and kind heart inspires them.  It is an honor to inspire others just by expressing my deepest truths.  This amazing grace inspires my heart to open even more.

I am experiencing trust in my body, and my soul.  My connection to Creative Source is as strong as it has ever been.  I am experiencing a deep love for me.  And it is the most powerful choice I have ever made.


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My Soul’s Voice, crafting an intuitive dream

This is the maiden voyage of Soul’s Voice Creative Arts and Intuition.  I am an artist, a guide, an image maker and storyteller.  Creativity is my life’s blood.  For many years I played this game as a healer and a helper, using my intuition to discover what needed healing, or changing.  Life was about fixing and becoming better, trying to make the best of what was not working.  I was just too darn serious for my own good.

And now, as I have opened more to the deep Divine energies of Creative Source, I have accepted the truth that we are perfect just as we are.  We are Divine beings and full of Love.  There is nowhere to get to.  We are already here.  There is no healer outside of ourselves.  Love is the force within that creates all, awakens all, heals all.  

My Life has become a journey of unfolding, celebration, exploring, creating, evolving and opening, expanding to meet the Love and Creative Source that is our true nature.  I have chosen to allow more dreaming, more play, more authentic intuitive art, seeing Life through the lens of my Soul’s Voice, more being the truth of me with laughter, beauty and fun!  I have claimed myself as an artist, my reason for being here and now.

I have deep devotion for the Spirits in Nature.  Every being holds the magical creative powers of Universal Love.  I sing the song of Trees.  I feel the elements in every breath, pulse and tear.  To make art is to experience life.  To share our art is to co-create a meaningful life on Earth.

My helping practice now consists more fully of being a witness, a reflective heart, a channel for joy, beauty and creative flow.  My true gifts are connecting deeply to the Divine Love present in Nature, people,  and acts of creativity.  I sing, I write, I paint. I flow the energy of Divine Creation in all of my art.   My favorite act of creativity is to hold a mirror, for you to see the Divine in You.

Thank you for joining me in this journey as my practice unfolds to offer commissioned creative soul portraits, guided personal intensives for creating with your soul’s voice, playshops in intuitive painting, deep listening and body awareness.

I also give oracle readings for guidance, consultation, and reflection soul to soul.  These readings are intended for a Divine reflection, always leading you back to your greatest source of wisdom….you, your Soul’s Voice.

This is only the beginning.

photo collage created by Jean Cahn


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