Waxing with Mother Earth


The art has been flowing, the blogging a bit slower.

I spent the weekend melting wax and blowing it around the substrate.  Not only do I find that relaxing, I like the way it eases me into letting go, trusting that the medium knows exactly what it is doing and all I need to do is observe, be curious and experiment.

I began with a simple beeswax foundation, layering and flowing with the contrast of melting and hardening, translucence and opacity.  Patiently I built up a thick coating to serve as a mixing ground for the colors I was waiting to employ.  I wanted to keep it simple since I am gathering valuable insights from “less is more”.

Alizarin Crimson, Turquoise, Manganese Violet, and eventually Celadon Green with a dash of Indigo.

I love “over fusing” and melting the whole surface all the way down to wood!  Swirling pools of mixing color stirs delight within me.


My focused intention for the piece below is part of my FEARLESS painting invitations in the Fall segment of my 10 month teacher training program IGNITE.

I am inspired to explore layering organic materials with the wax.

Since we had a warm dry fall here in the Pacific NW, the leaves stayed on the trees longer, turning many shades of yellow, orange, red and brown.  We didn’t rake the leaves this year, so I had many fallen treasures to choose from in my gathering of jewels.

Cedar bark and bough, Maple leaf and seed pod and a few mosses found their way into my exploration of Earth Wisdom (Feminine Cycles) in the turning of the Seasons.

My color palette:  Alizarin Orange, Turquoise, Green Gold, Green Earth, clear beeswax.

This was a dance with texture, topography, layering, color, shape, Nature, Fire, resin, wax.  I feel deeply connected to the circle of Life when I share in the process of transition and transformation.

I also devoured the documentation process here, making many photographs, diving into detail, recognizing the artist voice again and again.












I love exploring encaustic media.  I am finding a connection to the flowing quality of natural elements and my ability to flow with my own creative impulses.  It is helping me let go and unfold into my Soul’s artistic wisdom.  Playing with the Earth elements, seed pods, bark and leaves is waking a connection to my body that is welcomed.  I am opening to deeper listening to the Earth and to myself.

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Art Every Day Month November 2012

I’m in a deep exploration of my artist self.  Who speaks through me?  What is being shared by my intuitive voice?  Who is supporting me in my lineage of artists, women, spirits?

This is the first artwork in a series of many that explore, express, and honor my journey.

Acrylic on Vellum  24 x 36 with exploding palette knife!

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The Dreaming Universe

“This song fell from a portal in the sky into my lap, or should I say unto my bivouac sack as I lay quietly under  the stars, on night 3 of my solo vision quest in the desert mountains of eastern Washington, Summer Solstice year 2005.

I had been praying for a vision to guide my life, my practice as an apprentice to the Spirits, visiting the wild desert land of the region in which I have made my home since arriving upon the sands of the Great Mother Herself.

I had chosen to sleep on the third night, instead of staying up all night praying, I asked to be shown what I needed to know in the Dreamtime.

I awoke in the blackness, greeted by the stars, a large triangular constellation began speaking to me.  When the voice continued for more than two sentences I realized this was what I had been longing for….. scrambling for the small notepad and pencil stub that was stashed under the corner of my ground tarp, in the darkness I scratched out the voices of a people echoing the wisdom from Stars to Earth.

With this message came a flow of light so brilliantly blue, resonating my heart and my hands.

My heart and my body filled with gratitude, I knew I had been given the gift of a lifetime.  A song.  A vision.  I would not leave the desert empty handed, and so I must give this gift, from the Star People, to the Earth People.”

Dreaming Universe from Jeanie Anthony on Vimeo.



Later the next year, this song became the opening track of my first album,  “Singing My Soul Home”, produced by my fledgling record label “Journey Home Records” in 2006.

The process of writing, performing, recording, producing and offering my music to the world has been a life changing, empowering, creative experience.  And now several years later I am exploring the creative journey of blending my music with visual art, photography and painting.

Dreaming Universe (the video) contains my own photography.  And the upcoming video, “Goddess Woman Tree” is represented by a tribe of talented painting women that I am deeply grateful for.  I’m aiming for the video’s release before the end of 2012.


To see the new video “Goddess Woman Tree”  go here.




Join me on the Journey.  Heart, Earth, Art, Love, Soul.




Jeanie is deeply in love with the Divine Earth.  Her constant companions are the Trees, Eagles, Ravens, Salmon and the Voices of the Ancestors who have lived in the storm shadow of Cloud Mountain.  When she’s not rustling up a living in the city, you’ll find her dreaming, singing, painting and creating in her studio, nestled in the woods at the edge of a mountain, in the beautiful North Cascades.  See what she’s been up to at Soul’s Voice ~ Shamanic Oracle Arts


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Stirring the Cauldron

Nearly a month ago, I submitted art and stories as a guest on two sister artist blogs.  Hali Karla’s Artist Healer Circle for Lily Wheel Slide and Lisa Rough’s BIG BRAVE BLOG HULLABALOO on her website Sacred Circle.

Preparing for these guest posts was an exercise in diving deep, looking in my own Soul Mirror and listening for the stories that were ready to emerge.  I dug into my treasure trove of past creations to see what needed dusting off, I sat in front of a video camera ad-libbing, laughing and testing the waters of technology.

The reflection I saw reminded me of the journey I began many years ago when I began asking the question:  The gifts I was given must have some meaning, must be helpful to someone, somewhere?  This ability that I have to feel emotions so deeply must be useful somehow?  I can sense the feelings of others, I can communicate with living beings that do not speak in human terms, I can deeply feel the power of the Elements that make up all of life.  What good can this be?  How can I use these skills to better my life and the lives of others?

And the answers I’ve received have come from a place of Divine Inheritance.  Making music, art, poetry come from a deeply emotional place in my being.  It comes from my longing to be with Earth, to sit beneath the Tree people, calling with Raven and dancing with Eagle.  The river flows quickly at my feet, wind rustles my hair and kisses my face.

Sharing this feeling, this knowing…..expressing my Love of Earth, my connection to the Wisdom of Stars, what else need there be?

I am on a journey of connection.  I am experiencing myself as Artist, as creator, a window, a mirror, a door.  I am stirring the cauldron of stars within my belly, connecting with the womb of creation, The Void.  I make art because I love.

Into the Jungle
Acrylic on Canvas 30 x 30


How much Love can a Body and Soul hold?  I give my power of attention to the beings that I love.  I find resonance in the Earth herself, as a living, breathing creatrix.

I belong to Earth.  I belong to Sky.  I belong to the Universe.



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My Summer with Encaustic Art

This summer I joined Lisa Wilson of Life Unity for her e-course in Introduction to Encaustic Painting.  For those of you who have not heard of this delicious form of art making, it is using wax and pigments to paint and create beautiful and sensual works of art.  It is quite the intuitive medium as the elements of heat and melting beeswax are in a continual state of flow and change each time you apply heat and color and textures of added materials, scraping away the solid wax and melting again, and again……an experience quite tactile.

I found this to be a very meditative process, encouraging simplicity and opening to mindfulness, exploring with color and movement and surrendering to the flow of my creativity and the melting of the waxes.

Lisa’s class “Encaustic Experience”, was very well organized and accessible for those who are complete beginners in this medium.  She shared many techniques and tools for this playground,  offered support in opening to the creative process and encouraged us to play.

I made 6 pieces during the course, only three of which are shown here.   I have plans for many more to come as I am resonating with this medium quite strongly.  Mixed media type of projects have rarely come across my studio table, but that is changing with my intrigue of waxy, colorful collage elements that are beginning to inhabit my dreams.

I recommend Lisa’s course highly, she is a gifted and generous teacher with a big heart and a wonderful sense of humor.  Watching her create beautiful encaustic pieces was inspiring.  She is knowledgable, skillful and quite simply, adorable!


5 x 7.5 wood panel with beeswax, pigmented encaustic paints (wax) and cedar giveaway


wood panel with beeswax and crayon


8 x 10 canvas with crayon


Thank you Lisa! And thank you Divine Muse!  Life is a creative dream adventure and I am living it.

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Reflecting Divine in Soul Mirror Sessions

Soul’s Voice Creative Arts and Intuition

These days, being an artist, musician, channel for the beauty of Earth, and a mentor for authentic creative self expression is where I am focusing my creative, empathic, expressive devotion.

I’ve been a healer, counselor, guide, bodyworker, musician, artist,  compassionate listener and Nature loving empathic channel for 27 circles of Earth around the Sun.  My life’s journey has been about remembering, reclaiming and expressing authentic voice.

In Soul Mirror Sessions, I bring forward my gifts as a medium to hold a powerful space of Love and Divine Grace for people to relax into, open up and be with themselves in their own authenticity without masks  —  showing up for self in loving acceptance.

In a session with me, all sense of separateness dissolves, love sets the rhythm for a powerful release and letting go of the stories that obscure our sightlines to Oneness with Divine Source.

It is an experience of feeling and flowing, diving deeply into your own knowing, remembering on a body and soul level your true heart’s longing.  Together we open a pathway to creating what you want –> a clear vision for your life.  Your own deep knowing is activated in clear and tangible Presence.

Breathe deeply, connect with your body, connect with Earth.  Open your presence to The Presence and surrender to the nurturing vibration of your Divine Soul Reflection.  Go deeper than you thought you could, as we open to a resonant field that reminds and remembers and reactivates your ability to feel and act upon your own knowing — at the level of Universal Soul.

A Soul Mirror Session is a gift to yourself.  It is about stepping fully into where you are at the moment and seeing your Divine Reflection.  It is simply powerful.



Jeanie is deeply in love with the Divine Earth.  Her constant companions are the Trees, Eagles, Ravens, Salmon and the Voices of the Ancestors who have lived in the storm shadow of Cloud Mountain.  When she’s not rustling up a living in the city, you’ll find her dreaming, singing, painting and creating in her studio, nestled in the woods at the edge of a mountain, in the beautiful North Cascades.  See what she’s been up to at  Soul’s Voice Creative Arts and Intuition


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Living the Art of Soul

I’ve been traveling deeply with my Soul this year in my expression as an artist.  

I have put my Soul to the canvas and the brush, images and allies of my truest self have risen to greet me, reflecting the power of the well within.

I am painting with intention.  Intention to connect with the living voice of my Soul’s Mystery.  My wisest counsel, my most fiercely nurturing presence, the guide to my Destiny.

Allies in Waiting 36 x 48 Acrylic on Vellum Bristol


I surrender my body, my little will, calling my DNA to unravel before me.  

We listen in the stillness and wait until the direction is clear, marking my map with my deepest desires, darkest shadows, and the whispers of my longing.  It is a celebration of living the dream painted by my artist soul.  She unfolds before me in waves of Divine Power, a mirror of Oneness.  “You are never alone,” she whispers.  And I feel my body pulsing with this Truth.  I am honored to feel the Blessing of ancient wisdom dancing in my bones.

It is my promise to be the voice of my deepest longings in the world. Hand in hand with Creative Source, standing in the heart’s doorway, they are my Allies in Waiting.

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Painting a Prayer

Prayer of Gratitude by Jo Anne Parker


This painting is a prayer of Gratitude from my friend Jo Anne Parker.  I am honored that she would paint for me, sharing her big heart and flowing this beautiful image.  It came from a place that had no words, but a deep connection to her creative self, an outpouring of Love.

Recently I had shared with her from my own deep well of creative love, a song, a blessing, a reminder from the Divine Presence of her connection to the Source of Universal dreaming…..

I had been wondering how was the reading?  Did she relate? Was it meaningful for her?    And this response arrived the next day in my inbox:

“Oh Jeanie….

No one has ever given anything like this to me ever….This gift you gave is so pure and so divine….It filled me with love and true connection…It soothed my spirit and gave me renewed hope . I just finished listening to it all and in the time I sat and LISTENED AND FELT i WENT FROM BEING SO SAD AND OVERWHELMED to soft and comforted and appreciative of all that is, including me…I would wish this for all…

Your gift is powerful.loving and i tell you clearly I heard your voice but I heard all that you spoke for and saw where it was coming from…The images were clear.  Words cannot be enough to express my feelings.. Before i sat and listened I had been considering a prayer painting on the word Help because I felt so alone…Now …not so ..I will paint a prayer of gratitude…This is just so very Big I can’t say more,… I will just have to feel it. and share it…

 Bless you Sister for sharing this amazing gift with me…I will hold this close for all time..”


As I sat on my porch in the early morning sun reading this prayer of gratitude, I cried salty tears for all of the times I too have longed to remember the sweet feeling of being Loved by a Grand Universe….for the remembering that my creative voice in the world makes meaning.

Thank you sister for your prayer of gratitude.

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Preparing for the Journey

At the beginning of this year, I signed up for IGNITE, a FEARLESS painting teacher training with Connie Hozvicka of Dirty Footprints Studio.  Ever since the commitment was made to deepening as an intuitive painter and guide in creative process, the winds and tides have been moving me toward this powerful journey with expanded trust, blossoming creative dreams and the courage to face the world with everything that is true and beautiful in my soul.  The Month of October is fast approaching when we will gather as a tribe of FEARLESS painting women, to explore, dream and create, encounter our souls with brush in hand and paint splattered from the tips of our fingers to the soles of our shoes.

I’ve been painting with Connie since the Spring of 2011 when I enrolled in her online intuitive painting course called BIG.   I was on the path of embracing myself as an artist and sharing that love in the world.  When I saw what Connie was offering, I knew it was the doorway for me.  (If you ever feel the call to paint and unfold into your creative genius, Connie’s courses fill the bill.)

After BIG, while continuing my intuitive painting practice and waiting for DEEP to begin, (part two of Connie’s Intuitive Painting adventures online),  I came to a place of knowing that my abilities to channel Divine Love would be expanded as the images poured forth from my brush.

My Soul began to speak to me in images as I painted them, connecting deeply with my personal power, my connection to Source.  The labyrinth was the first image to emerge and longed to be repeated.  I dropped my resistance to painting the same image over and over when I realized that I was being guided by the message of the Labyrinth,  “Go within.”

The canvas became a place of deep meditation, a doorway for my listening heart.  I painted tree after tree that arose from the Labyrinth of my Love.  And even into DEEP, the meditation continued with more dreaming trees, singing to me of Life, Love and Deep connection to Creative Source.


I am full of joy at the body of work that I have produced since diving into the whispers of my devotion.  Painting fills me up.  I am connecting to my soul’s medicine, the gifts of Divine Love that flow through unimpeded when I become still, breathe deeply and listen to the longing of my Soul’s Voice.



When I ask myself deep down what is my calling, the answer is always about the trees. It is just now in my mid forties that I am hearing the whispers more clearly.  It is the celebration of these giant and wise elders that I am to follow. Singing, writing, painting, photographing trees. Imaging trees in my heart way helps others awaken to the beauty of trees.


I believe Trees are avatars, bringing the messages of Sacred Life, Universal power and connection to the Earth.  We have much to learn from these compassionate beings, witness their strength and flexibility, listen to their Songs.   In shamanic cosmology, stalking a being is to witness them, and become them completely, devote yourself to knowing their every move, breath and purpose.  This is how I feel about Trees, painting, singing and flowing the Love of Creative Source.


It is with all of this in my heart that I prepare for my journey in IGNITE.  So that I may bring the deepest truths of my soul into the world and encourage others to do the same.  FEARLESS Artist, guide, listening deeply within.


So when I saw that a friend of mine who is also undertaking this FEARLESS journey into the training had posted a sparkly countdown timer on her blog, counting the days until IGNITE begins, I realized it was time to shout out, YES!  I am ready, I am painting the days one by one, anticipating the formation of our circle, as we dive in together, another FEARLESS painting journey, another brave adventure with my sisters in paint.



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What do you hear? What do you feel? What do you see?


I’m starting a new project.  It involves combining my music with painting.  Singing and Painting that is vibrationally matched.  It is bit like the way I do my energy portraits.  Mostly it is about connecting with the energy of our life force, the sparkly kind that we tend to attribute to the spirit realms and letting the visual artwork be informed by the emotional vibrations we experience while connecting to what music arouses in us.

I have never listened to my own music while I paint.  In fact, I rarely listen to music at all.  And almost never when I am painting.  I tend to prefer the quiet, the rise and fall of my own imagination, listening to the nuances of my feelings while I swish around the brush and push paint with my fingers.

I have sung to myself while painting, and only briefly.  Because usually when I sing to myself I burst into tears, my heart swelling, body vibrating, moments when I can allow myself complete overwhelm by the sensations of sound resonating my throat and my chest, for moments letting go to the deep healing rising from within.

That is what I experience when I sing.  Deep resonance.  Feelings of complete aliveness, comfort and Love.

So I will try this.  Painting and Singing together.  To me, each of these acts requires full body presence, so I imagine this will be challenging.  I become fully engaged with each process so much so that all else stops, a spiral in time while I dance with my Spirit, when only this love exists.  This could be quite interesting.  I have used my voice as a tool for healing the body, and now exploring how this may enhance my experience of letting go to the painter within.

I would call this my part of the  painting invitation to expansion that I am crafting.  This new project involves inviting other artists to paint to my music, to see what imagery and energy is aroused by following the doorways that are opened using my songs as painting meditations.

The final product is to be a “music video”.  Gallery style.  Images set to music that have arisen from the same.  Feelings, emotions, inspirations, birthed by fearless painters in the style of intuitive expression.

I have a particular tune in mind with which to begin . And two women have begun their painting journeys to create from the soul with “Goddess Woman Tree”,  a song from my album, “Singing My Soul Home”.  (listen to the sample track #13)

Would you like to join the circle of painters?  Nearly 2 minutes of images are needed to fill the sacred space we will create together.

please send an email (found on the contact page)  or use this form below to accept the invitation.

[contact-form] [contact-field label=”Name” type=”name” required=”true” /] [contact-field label=”Email” type=”email” required=”true” /] [contact-field label=”Questions or Intentions” type=”textarea” required=”true” /] [/contact-form]

I can give you more details about painting with us, or participating in the project in other ways as well.  Video, Photography, Sculpture…..

How does your muse speak?

 If you would like to read more about the project, GO HERE.

For some backstory about my music, visit the Music page here on this website

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