Living the Art of Soul

I’ve been traveling deeply with my Soul this year in my expression as an artist.  

I have put my Soul to the canvas and the brush, images and allies of my truest self have risen to greet me, reflecting the power of the well within.

I am painting with intention.  Intention to connect with the living voice of my Soul’s Mystery.  My wisest counsel, my most fiercely nurturing presence, the guide to my Destiny.

Allies in Waiting 36 x 48 Acrylic on Vellum Bristol


I surrender my body, my little will, calling my DNA to unravel before me.  

We listen in the stillness and wait until the direction is clear, marking my map with my deepest desires, darkest shadows, and the whispers of my longing.  It is a celebration of living the dream painted by my artist soul.  She unfolds before me in waves of Divine Power, a mirror of Oneness.  “You are never alone,” she whispers.  And I feel my body pulsing with this Truth.  I am honored to feel the Blessing of ancient wisdom dancing in my bones.

It is my promise to be the voice of my deepest longings in the world. Hand in hand with Creative Source, standing in the heart’s doorway, they are my Allies in Waiting.

About Jeanie Anthony

Living a Creative Life, deep in the woods of wonderful Washington State.
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2 Responses to Living the Art of Soul

  1. My longings are being announced and revisited by your courage…I am never alone …it is the truth of coming have given me such a wonderful gift and sharing it with the my world will be my gift…

  2. hali says:

    Jeanie – this is AMAZING! Love you, sister.

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