Evolution Step by Step ~ 1000 days

1000daysDay26yellowfaceDay 26 ~ Revisiting the Yellow Barn

I drive this road a lot.  The road between my house in the Mountains and the biggest town that has a library (for Wi-fi), groceries and good coffee.  I take the farm roads through dairies, ranches and berry fields.  Next to the Blue barn I love, this is my favorite. The thing they have in common is their brokenness.  It appeals to a lost and forgotten feeling deep in my soul.  Of what once was, and still is standing and witnessing life unfolding all around.


1000daysDay27dupbridge 1000daysDay27horseshoeDay 27 ~ North Fork of the Nooksack  River

The Nooksack River is an Artery of Life in my region.  It travels through forests, farms and towns. This spot is where the rafters put in.  A white water paradise.  I come here to follow the river trail, breathe the mist and drown out my monkey mind with the deafening roar of water.  It works every time.


1000daysDay28redthreadDay 28 ~ The Red Thread

I received a red thread in the mail from a sister in New Zealand.  We are binding soul work with a group of women.  A few days after I received the thread, I found this on my travels.  Thank you Great Mystery for the reminder of your…..well, Mystery.


1000daysDay29bloodstoneDay 29 ~ Bloodstone


1000daysDay30hemmihouseDay 30 ~ Another Lonely House

My fascination with run down buildings is satisfied by my routine travels.  Although occupied, the appearance of this house with it’s weather beaten exterior inspires the storyteller in me to imagine the life of a lonely writer, sitting in the sun room, scratching a life onto paper (no computer), and gazing at the mountain connecting only with the spirits of Nature here.


1000daysDay31treespiritDay 31 ~ Ancestor Art

I’ve been working this painting in layers and stages for nearly 22 months.  It is becoming more of what it is meant to be in these past 12 months as I have turned my attention back toward listening more to my gut while making art.


1000daysDay32riverhouseDay 32 ~ Visiting Family

This is the view from my parents’ deck.  The overwhelming power of the River is ever present and adds it’s stimulating current to the wild beauty of the Trees.


1000daysDay33beeDay 33 ~ Stand in for “Aja”

On eve of Day 33 I photographed an album cover while jamming along with Steely Dan and cooking dinner.  For copyright reasons, I removed the photo from my Instagram feed.   I think this little bit of bee business holds space just nicely here.  And it makes my heart swell.


1000daysDay34footchakra Day 34 ~ Encaustic Foot Chakra “work in progress”

Back in  2011 -2012 I became a Soul Art® Certified Guide.  One of the insights that has unfolded for me since beginning my 1000 days journey vision quest was to continue my initiation with the Soul Art® Certification Program ~ Shaman Level.  I am opening to the flow of my full vital expression.  Stay tuned on my blog at jeananthony.net for the unfolding story of my Soul Art® /Shamanic Oracle Art Journey.


1000daysDay35fireleafDay 35 ~ Fire and Earth

I love the elemental power of Fire.  The sun on Plant Life glowing and shadowing beauty, simple and profound.


1000daysDay36beeshadowDay 36 ~ Bee Shadows

There is magic in all seasons.  Insects and flowers are elegant in their primal dance.  And pink poppies delight.

1000daysDay36succulentDay 36 ~ The succulent garden at the foot of the Poppy


1000daysDay36sideviewDay 36 ~ “The view from here”

As I have the opportunity to live in both city and  mountain forest, I consider myself blessed many times over by the immense beauty of the region where I live.  The water has been calling me to return.  To lay my body on the Earth and receive her nurturing is the Medicine my Soul prescribes.  “The view from here” is a deep surrender to the Divine Earth.


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5 Responses to Evolution Step by Step ~ 1000 days

  1. Jill Marie says:

    Wonderful Journey!

  2. Kim says:

    I so enjoy going on these travels with you! Thank you. I loved this phrase today: “a lost and forgotten feeling deep in my soul.” I feel that, too. I love these words for that feeling.

  3. RitaJC says:

    Beautiful images! Thank you so much for sharing!
    RitaJC recently posted…Dabbing & DoodlingMy Profile

  4. Indigene says:

    I love the wonderful journeys that we go on here! It’s definitely for the mind, body and soul. Your photography puts us right there. Simply beautiful!!!
    Indigene recently posted…Slave to a Rhythm…My Profile

  5. Deanna says:

    More beautiful photos, and I see a face in the bloodstone! I love to see your journey unfold each week.

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