Deepening Process and Finding Clarity ~ 1000 days

Since my last blog entry documenting my journey of 1000 days and exploring what arises within me during the time, I have come to some welcome refining and clarity about what is important to me and how I want to express it.

So I have decided to stop making a big deal about counting.  It is still 1000 days of movement, introspection and connection with my body, spirit, Earth and creative process.  And the days still pass one by one.   I began on June 4, 2014.  The technical end date will be February  28, 2017.  I am still tagging and labeling the days on Instagram, yet my stories on the blog will be less regimented by structure and more about the images I share, the insights that linger and what feels like omens and signs, messages from the journey.  It is a quest after all, characterized by immersion and losing time, allowing metaphor and story to speak, sharing the subtleties and complexities while remaining simple and graceful and day to day beautiful.

I remain captivated by color, texture, magic and flow, darkness and light, elemental Nature.  I am curious with wonder and grateful for the ease I am experiencing in my life at this time.  My spinal flexibility and strength is growing and lightening the load of pain awareness.  I find old habits trying to sneak in:  poor posture, extra busyness to distract me being grumpy about losing my footing from time to time.  A perfect signal to let go even more, releasing the grip on perfect and orderly, surrendering to my art as voice of healing and spirit wisdom.

There are 21 days of photos below.  

Day 52 through Day 71 of 1000 days journey.

Truly they are about finding Love reflected over and over in everything I see.  And seeing myself in everyone I meet, feeling that we are connected by the beautiful spark that animates everything.  The power of self portraiture is growing within my art at this time.  Feeling the resonance with Ancestor wisdom and the stories we keep in our DNA.

I am settling deeper into my personal and professional truth that I am here to express beauty and reflect Divine Love through Art,  holding art as sacred ceremonial truth for the soul, sustenance for thriving on the planet.

1000daysDay52waxalchemy This summer I am making my own encaustic medium.  Melting beeswax and blending with Damar tree resin makes a more durable wax medium with hardness and luster, more transparency.  Not only will it cut costs with this high value art form, it brings me deeper still into the process, inviting alchemy to my experience of creating and interacting with the medium at more base levels.

1000daysDay53susan 1000daysDay59locuststand 1000daysDay53ravenfield 1000daysDay54talkingearth This day began another layer of the deepening journey into awareness and connection with Earth.  As part of an honoring ceremony for my body and Earth, my body has asked me to spend an entire year, laying on the Earth everyday for at least 30 minutes perhaps more, in all seasons and weather.  I felt some fear and challenge to accept this quest.  What if I couldn’t do it?  This is really gonna stretch me in inclement weather.  I’ll need to make big changes in my life.  “What will this do to me?”  My thought quickly morphed with the nudging of a wise voice within, “Who will I become?”

I am honored to find out.



1000daysDay57hearthome Water is my home.  My heart.  Reconnecting me to my city roots.  Living on a sacred waterway is a privilege I will not soon forget.

1000daysDay58scramble 1000daysDay60georgepark 1000daysDay61shell



Sky Feeder ~ Teresa Stern Artist  

Installation Carkeek Park ~ Seattle  (below)

1000daysDay62artpark 1000daysDay63heartwave 1000daysDay64freetobe 1000daysDay65healingthesplit 1000daysDay66mapleback A barred Owl came into the yard to hunt during one afternoon as I painted this Soul Art® piece for my Sacral Chakra.  I watched it hunt for mice 30 minutes.  It was beautiful to remain motionless to only my breath and heartbeat while the dance of life unfolded before me.  It was a gift to my witnessing the Sacred Marriage between matter and spirit, male and female, creation and destruction and the healing that is happening for me and my ancestral line as I live daily with honor for my life and the stories we make while living our time on Earth.1000daysDay67owlvisit 1000daysDay68sacmore 1000daysDay69freedomwax 1000daysDay70wisecookie


So I’m thinking 3 to four weeks at a time, perhaps becoming a monthly event for now, sharing on this blog is a good rhythm.  Especially during the summer when I all I want to do is be outside.



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3 Responses to Deepening Process and Finding Clarity ~ 1000 days

  1. You’re on an amazing journey! Just think how much you will grow and learn. I agree with you, taking it a day at a time, is better than looking at it from the perspective of how many left to go! Self Discovery, here you come! 🙂
    Indigene Theresa Gaskin recently posted…What’s on the Studio Table…My Profile

  2. Kim says:

    My heart said a great big “YES!” to being more relaxed and free about the counting and just living the days one by one. Beautiful! And as always, I love seeing your images.
    Kim recently posted…On My Table–Challenge ProgressMy Profile

  3. Deanna says:

    Oh these words, “seeing myself in everyone I meet”, so important to remember!!! Thank you for reminding me.
    Deanna recently posted…An Art (or Maybe Life) Lesson LearnedMy Profile

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