Creative Expression and Shamanic Wisdom


I thrive by engaging my creative energies to celebrate and honor the wisdom keepers and spiritual helpers in my life.  Mother Earth’s beautiful song guides me into my truest self.

magic river flute

I’ve been spending a lot of time listening to my body and my intuitive guidance.  It is exhilarating experiencing painting from this deep meditative space.  Before I dip my fingers into the colors, I play my flute and give thanks with my drum.  I call inward to the wisdom that wants to inform me.  It is a dance of harmony and pure bliss.  A beautiful organic unfolding of my soul is reflected in the sounds and colors and textures bathing the canvas.

WIP Integration

This work in progress is part of my final body of work for my training in teaching intuitive painting.  I don’t normally share my works until they are finished, but this one is bringing so much joy and meaning I am continually amazed at its every turn.  I feel that I am honoring my process to share it now, while I am still in the unknown with it.  (And I thoroughly believe I will always be in the unknown with this living breathing creature.)

In the meantime, I have been savoring the waiting for Pixie Campbell’s upcoming online shamanic painting exploration.  Right up my alley!  It is starting at the end of July.  And it will be my absolute pleasure to circle with the many sisters who are partaking in this creative wisdom this summer.

Let the transformation continue!



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  1. Loved reading this post. Love what you bring to the world.
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