Voice of the Body, Voice of the Earth

A beginning.  A story.  A body, a home.  My body, my home, my story.

I’ve lived my whole life with Trees.  And Mountains. Great bodies of water: Lakes, Sounds, Rivers, Streams and Oceans.  The cool mist of Rain Forest with moss, fern and fir.  Maple leaves on the ground and in the air, raindrops kissing the plants and the people, watering the souls of Earth’s creative kindred.

River of Life

Water is my element.  Feelings, flow, returning tides, perseverance, mystical, dreamy and deep.

This past May I journeyed to the desert to engage with a group of artful women.  I chose to drive the 3200 miles to and fro so that I could ease my watery soul into the desert landscape.

I found my connection in her red soil.  The dust, the mud, painted on my hands, my body.  She emerged in my paintings, in my dreams, in my songs.  I became a Red Rock Woman.  She carried me through the Desert on Raven’s wings.  She spoke of the ancient Seas that once covered the Desert Floor.  She held time in her loving womb, the Sun setting and rising on her striated body.  Her gift to me was my own voice, water in the Desert.  Raven led me to the medicine of Flute song to carry back to my home in the Rain Forest.

Desert Tree


While I sit and play on the banks of the River that is my home, I hear the songs of Desert Wind weaving amongst the Trees.  The Ancestors sing as I offer my heart to the Earth.  We are awaiting the Return of the Salmon and the Eagle.

ancestors waiting


I hear her everywhere.  She is my voice.  A Red Rock Woman in Desert,  A Raven Woman in Mountains,  Salmon and Eagle Woman that live by Ocean, Stream and Forest.  Together we sing of Ancestor Souls weaving together all corners of the Earth.



About Jeanie Anthony

Living a Creative Life, deep in the woods of wonderful Washington State.
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2 Responses to Voice of the Body, Voice of the Earth

  1. what a beautiful testimonial to earth’s body, Jeanie. Thank you. AND yes to the suggestion of praying for salmon in your “neck” of the mountains. Yes…love you.
    deborah j. milton recently posted…Thanks for visitingMy Profile

  2. Dorothy Anthony says:

    “… so that I could ease my watery soul into the desert landscape.”
    “… the ancient Seas that once covered the Desert floor…”

    You have helped me understand more vividly your journey from our place of water to the dry red rock, and your return home. Your descriptions are so heartfelt: I thank you for sharing your art, music and writing.

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