Boarding the tour bus

So I’ve been invited on a blog tour.  Which is the perfect Medicine for revitalizing my blog as an important tool in my creative practice.  For the past two plus years I’ve turned inward to explore the landscapes of my Soul, finding the mirrors, interpreting the images and language, reconnecting with my strongest allies, returning to the true voice of my self as an artist and trusting the path.

It’s time to begin sharing through my blog again, with insights and process, the deep rewards that come from listening without judging and creating with a surrendered and flowing heart.

I submitted my intention at the Universal “order desk” just a few short weeks ago that my blog would become a portal for my journey through art and oracle, documenting and sharing my experience of living my spiritual creative practice.  And so arrived the invitation to join this tour focused on sharing my creative process.  It feels good to be in alignment with the flow of life.

Last night I sketched and doodled into the wee hours inspired by a deep urge to express the images and insights, feelings that are coming from spending an extended period unplugged and tuned into the land and the Nature Spirits where I live.  And flipping through a book on mixed media self portraits I came across this quote by Oscar Wilde.

“Every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not of the sitter.  The sitter is merely an accident, the occasion.  it is not he who is revealed by the painter; it is rather the painter who, on the colored canvas, reveals himself.”

So join me again next week on Monday the 28th when I share my blog tour interview and pass the torch to 3 more inspiring creative bloggers.






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  1. I love how you incorporate your spirituality in your creativity and I can feel the positive energy your work exudes! 🙂
    Indigene Theresa Gaskin recently posted…Self-Doubt RemediesMy Profile

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