Being Called by the Spirit of the Land

Kweq Smanit Nooksack name of Volcano in Whatcom County

Kweq Smanit Nooksack name of Volcano in Whatcom County ~ Photo by Michael Shawn


When I renamed my blog last month, and refreshed my banner photo with a shapeshifting theme, I had no above ground awareness of what was coming next.  “Mysteries of the Hollow Bone” has been swirling around me as a name, a theme, a vital truth to the message and method of my soul’s contribution to this “21st century world”.  And truth be told, these stories and energies that are clamoring for voice come from a much more ancient time and place, the origins of our unfolding spiraling Universe and the birth of planet Earth…. if you will grant me that.  I am a vessel that holds the Love of Divine Creation.  The more I say it, the more I feel it.

In 2008, the Grandmothers and Grandfathers of Kweq’ Smánit (our local volcano) as called by the Nooksack language and peoples who roamed these lands, explained to me that my “job” was as a vessel, an oracle for the Spirits of the Land where I was now living in the North Cascades.  I admit that unsettled me a bit.  It sounded like a monument,  a sacred trust, that a human person with ego must honor, understand and embrace with humility and surrender, acting truly as a Hollow Bone, without personal agenda clouding the process or the outcome.  Honestly it made me cry.  I knew I was home.  And this was my true calling.  I have felt the Spirits of place since I was born.  I have expressed their stories in my daily life without realizing my action.  I did know that I could feel the Love of the Eagle in flight, the crashing and smoothing of Ocean waves,  the leaves falling in Autumn, preparing Tree roots for the dreaming Winter ahead.  And now as I know my self and my role on Earth more fully, I am with intention sharing, expressing and celebrating the deep voices of Ancestral Earth.

Since then seven and one-half years have past.  The journey between now and then has been an initiation of sorts.  Forgetting, remembering, experiencing my voice in many mediums.  I had been a hands on healer with sound for many years previous, and knew moving into a new way of channeling Source would help me become more evolved as a vessel for the Spirit World.   I write, I sing, I paint, I sculpt, I drum, I flute, I talk to the Spirits of the Trees, the Animals, Elements, Mountains.  I make ceremonies of honor and healing and celebration.  I have expanded my strengths as a vessel, further cleansing the Hollow Bone as my Art is a deeply intuitive expression of my Soul’s wisdom and purpose.

I live upon the land where the Nooksack Indian Tribes lived and thrived for several thousand years.  They were fishers, gatherers of Fern, root and berry, and hunters.  The Mountains, the Rivers, the Forests and the Prairies were home.  I am hearing these voices of the enduring elements of the region where I live.  I am being called to speak on behalf of the Nature Spirits in my locale. They are speaking of freedom and preservation, honor, dignity, the right to thrive for all.  They speak of Love, community and co-creation.  The stories are of balance, and the natural cycles of creation, growth, receiving the gifts of harvest, preparing for the next generations, ultimately death, and rebirth.

I feel the Land asking for people who can hear and feel and honor the stories to come forward and share what they know and experience.  This Earth wants us to act in harmony with each other and all of the beings who live here.  She wants us to honor our places with the names that honor life and the deep connection with all beings and Herself.

I will continue to honor this place, and speak the images, words and feelings as they are communicated to me.  I will learn and grow and thrive with the Love of the Spirits of the Land.  It is my desire that we all prosper from the Love of this Earth community.




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