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When my friend Melanie Leavey, artist and storyteller of the Inkblot Kingdoms, asked me if I would like to join along on a Blog Tour, I knew the Universe was answering an intention I set forth to reawaken my sleeping blog.  Not simply because she asked me, but because she expressed her desire that my art and music reach more people, and spread more love into the world.  Thanks Mel!  The feeling is mutual.

If you haven’t seen the ‘zine, you don’t know what you’re missin’!  Check out “The Lost Girl Diaries.”


The Interview:  4 simple questions about what and why I create.


What am I working on and why do I create what I do?  Combo Q 1 & 3

Right now my art is about telling the truth.  It is about listening to what my body is holding, feeling, holding back, or trying to express through a straw sized opening.  (We’re working on that.)  Since my default mode is to behave like a sponge – my life has necessitated through illness and exhaustion that it is time to wring out that sponge.  Let all that I am holding back as it were, GO!

When I paint, I find the courage to create without the need of logic or sense making for the mind.  Images are recognizable but without the need for realism.  Common themes are recognition, transformation and allowing.  I am following my internal cues, with little or no interpretation, finger painting, experimenting, embracing the “un-order” of freedom, celebrating the outcomes of the question, “I wonder what will happen if I do this?….”

Mermaid and the Whale


I am opening to myself.  I am letting the wisdom of Creative Source surprise me.  It does feel liberating to let down my guard, to challenge the old stories of a cautious mind, to let my body play, to let my heart love what it loves with no apologies or negotiating for less than what I truly want or know deep from within is my true calling.

One day I heard it spoken from a Tree.  “You are here to Love me,” she says with Mountain Sunrises and Eagle’s Wings.  “Tell everyone how beautiful I am with your songs, your voice, your words, your colors.  I gave you eyes to see, and ears to hear.  I made you an artist so you could tell everyone how much you love me.”

pure grounded luminosity

This is “Singing the Soul of Trees.”  A Creative Soul Portrait for my dear friend Julia.

I am making Art because my Soul is speaking to me.  It is telling me not to be afraid.  Take the risk to Love.  Let Life show me how.  The Spiral that is unwinding from within me contains all of the Original Medicine from the Earth and from the Stars.


The latest project I just finished was editing and publishing this music video for my song, “Goddess Woman Tree.”  A few of my “sisters in paint” gave of their time and talent to weave Tree Goddess Imagery with the Sounds of my first Album, Singing My Soul Home.  There are more of these music video projects in the works.

Goddess Woman Tree (Revised Edition) from Jeanie Anthony on Vimeo.



The Painting on my easel right now feels like a parallel life with every painting I’ve ever painted.  It is of a Woman shape shifting into her true self, into the depths of her creative power, transforming with Mystery and Eternal Knowing.  The shapes and colors, layers of feelings are transforming on the canvas and within me.

wip Eagle and Angel

This is a custom Creative Soul Portrait.  Work in Progress.  A mutual energetic collaboration.

I make art for myself, for the things that it teaches me about my ego, my soul, about life.  It evolves and transforms me, grows my contribution to the planet.  So I also make art for my people, for humanity, because fully expressed human beings evolve the world.

It is my calling to make art in honor of the Earth, and for all she has given us.  I can hear the voices of the Ancestors, Plant, Animal and Elemental people.  They have a story, and it is our story.  It is a celebration of life.


Q4:  How does my process work?

I like to begin my paintings in ritual fashion, a ceremonial honoring to the Wisdom of Life and the Intelligences that visit while I am creating.  With silence and mindfulness I attend the details of measuring, cutting, priming and preparing the vessel for the images that wish to express and offer their story.  I spend time with the fertile void, emptying, allowing my mind to relax its grip on perception and feel into the emerging shapes and textures that dance across the freshly gessoed canvas.  Receptivity is where I focus.  My intention is to receive the gift from the Source of all creativity, to tell the story my ego could never tell, but to be the medium for Life’s Dreaming Universe.

Sometimes it flows with ease, other times I struggle.  I don’t always understand what I feel, see and hear. But when I let go of the need to make sense of what appears, the Mystery carries the Love and the Story is born.  Making art is a deeply intuitive process for me.  I am a follower of my heart and gut.


Q2:  How does my work differ from others of its genre?  Or: What’s unique about me and my work?

I believe that when artists create from their inner promptings, it connects us all to the Source of Creation.  I am one thread in the tapestry of stars interweaving within the One.



Visit some of my friends to continue the tour:

My dear friend Julia Frehner graciously accepted my invitation to join the blog tour.  I am forever inspired by her presence.  I recently had the great fortune to be coached by her brilliant light.

A certified soul-life coach, inspirational speaker, Julia is also a dreamer, creator, and storyteller. Her life stories have journeyed her to great discoveries and the realization, life remains beautiful. With authentic courage, humor, and keeping it so simple, Julia engages with her clients and audiences; all emerge eager to embrace an inspired ideal life. She advocates sitting with Mother Earth, intuitive art, and daily prayer and meditation.


Natasha White is the bees knees.  I love everything she does.  She was already on the tour when I asked to her join… she is at Define Your Joy.

And a special shout out to my friend Cynthia Lee.  Spirit Uncaged.

Just Because it Feels Right.


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  1. mel says:

    oooooh!!! this is so incredible!! i am deeply honoured that you agreed to share your wonderful-ness….your art (and music) has such an incredible depth and you speak in fire-tongue, sister-of-my-soul…you are a constant source of inspiration.

    so much love to you!!

    mel xoxoxox

    ps. i found myself conversing with a tree yesterday, and thought of you…;) xo

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  3. Wow! This post help me know a little more about you and your creativity! Wonderful interview! Keep up the great work!
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