1000 Days Journey ~ An Introduction

Last weekend as I was out for a walk in my local park, I got the urge to explore some new territory within my beliefs about healing body trauma, stamina, commitment, fitness and my creative process.

I’ve received some strong information from my body lately, that it’s time to let go of past disappointments and hard feelings that I have held for too long.  Through the luck of a fender bender with a hit and run driver, I have been gifted the opportunity to slow down and feel, listen even more closely to the needs of my body and the stories that she wants to tell.

During my walk, I began by making a pledge to myself that if I were to walk everyday for an extended period of time, a sort of “walk-about,” I could access an altered state for feeling the rhythm of my body.   It would be an open door for this creative dialog that I have come to depend upon for making sense of Life these days.   So this 1000 days journey on which I am embarking is about creating a long term practice of ecstatic body fitness, deepening the grooves of two way communication between my body, my soul, my environment and my creative expression. I honor my body as the sacred oracle within this vision quest.

I am making the commitment to engage with myself daily for 1000 days in movement, receiving inspiration and expressing what I am learning from listening to my body.  A daily photo and a weekly blog post documenting the highlights of my creative discovery feels like a reasonable challenge and loving commitment honoring the experience of being present in my body within my daily life.

Today is being marked as Day One even though I began my “walk-about” 5 days ago.  1000 days is around 2.74 years so that means there is a lot of room for transformation.  I am excited to embark upon this open-eyed, open-hearted, shamanic journey sharing my gains and losses and insights.  (and beauty)


Day one: My body loves oranges, sweet and sour. Juice on my chin.  Chakra flowers, spinning wheels of creative desire.  When I was a little one, oranges were my favorite fruit.  Burning my cheeks while sucking the juice that fed my thirsty love for life.  I am connecting to my body’s pleasant memories of childhood when I eat oranges.

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15 Responses to 1000 Days Journey ~ An Introduction

  1. Jeanie says:

    Today’s walk was after this intro post. As I crunched along the gravel path intending to walk in beauty, the wild chamomile scented the way. And as I spoke aloud my promise to listen and love my body’s song I entered the zone between a fledgling crow and Mama Crow. The fledgling ran at me and the Mama cried overhead. I zigged while it zagged. And felt another deepening shift into my presence, into my intention to be completely in body.
    Jeanie recently posted…Making Wax while the Sun ShinesMy Profile

  2. What a great way to connect with the wisdom of your own body and to make it intentional and creative at the same time.
    Lynna Goldhar Smith recently posted…Got to admit it’s getting better all the time.My Profile

    • Jeanie Anthony says:

      Thank you Ms Lynna! I agree. The weaving of intentions has always supported me as a powerful stance to experience my truth and co create with the Divine.

  3. cindy says:

    i am currently facing return to work after 17months of sciatic nerve pain, and my daughter’s illness is such that she requires daily support, while she awaits a hospital admission for weight restoration. life for the longest time has been scarey, and sad, and painful, and out of my control. but when i read your post, it calls to me. it is as if something is telling me to get out to the bush. just get out there and find the healing mother earth has for me, in a walk, a cloud, a papery nest made of birch bark and thistle, the sound of the wind in the tall grass, and the taste of wild strawberries on my tongue. i will be following your blogs dear sister. i always appreciate your wisdoms. much love to you. may your feet recieve many blessings as they tread upon the earth. cin

    • Jeanie Anthony says:

      Bless you dear Cindy. May you always feel the Earth beneath you, holding, supporting, loving.

  4. Kim says:

    I got goosebumps reading this. My heart thrilled with the gorgeous vision of what you’re beginning. And “ecstatic body fitness” makes me feel excited about working with my own body. This is beautiful! I am so excited to see where this journey takes you. Thank you for sharing it!
    Kim recently posted…On My Table–A Blog TourMy Profile

  5. I’m glad to hear that you are taking this time to relax and be with yourself; we should always pay attention to our bodies and spirit; the mind has a way of getting us away from that. I love oranges, too! It’s also my favorite color! So we do have some things in common! I’m in great company!
    Indigene Theresa Gaskin recently posted…BLOG TOUR . . .My Profile

    • Jeanie Anthony says:

      Indigene! Always love your company! It is a dream of mine that all beings know the ecstatic wisdom of living truly embodied and offering that power as a prayer for our Earth. When we care for our bodies, we care for the Earth.

  6. Lisa says:

    I LOVE how you describe this. Just engaging with your body, your self, your rhythm…it is such a gentle and strong way of BEING. This embodiment…oh my. I inadvertantly took a walk in the rain this morning…I too had felt that need to MOVE. And it ended up being this dance with nature -just stunning. Thank you for your practice. 🙂

  7. RitaJC says:

    May this become a really enriching experience!

    Thank you so much for sharing!
    RitaJC recently posted…Happy Birthday To Me!My Profile

  8. Deanna says:

    Due to a chronic condition I have been left with walking the only form of exercise my body can tollerate but truthfully on those long walks, out in the fresh air I find it so easy to be present and I find beauty in so many places that I wouldn’t find if it wasn’t for my walk. So I understand how enriching a practice it can be, I wish I was there to walk with you!

  9. Amy O'Toole says:

    I really love walking. I am a bird watcher, I love flowers and trees and the sky. There is definitely something sacred taking place during those walks. I admire your commitment to 1000 days! To me, that is HUGE! What a beautiful way to honor your body, mind and spirit.

  10. Tracie says:

    Jeanie! Taking time to check in on some long neglected blog reading this morning . . . your 1000 Day Journey is giving me tingles. I am such an “instant gratification girl” . . . 1000 days is at once “scary” to me and realistic/true – as you say so much room for transformation. I find this deeply inspiring – so much so I think I need to gift myself with some deep listening and writing today – there’s something in this for me too…..

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