1 Year Anniversary of 1000 days Journey

June 4, 2014 was the day I began documenting my “1000 day journey” with my body, my creative flow and my need to connect deeply with Nature.  Having deep roots in shamanic and other Earth based practices I knew that an extended shamanic journey with movement would reveal to me the belonging I was seeking, the co-creative identity with Earth and Spirit, that I longed to claim.

I began with a daily photo and blogging to document.  After a few months I was led to continue my Soul Art® journey in the Chakras to deepen my exploration of what was wanting to be expressed through me, my experience of Earth, body, Creativity and being what I now am calling a “Shamanic Ceremonial Artist.”

I dove head on into this Soul Art® Chakra Certification journey.  Crafting masks, encaustic wax, acrylic painting all through the lenses of each chakra in my Earth body and etheric body.  I opened and expanded, reflected and expressed hidden truths and old memories, allowing my self to move to another higher, more fully expressed incarnation of me.

I think it is visible in the evolution of my art over this past year.  It is visible in my teaching and guiding of Soul Art® clients, I have embodied more of the Truths of my “Shamanic Ceremonial Artist Soul.”

I found my path and lineage through the foot chakra.  I come from a long line of seers, artisans and healers.  I connect with my ancestors who lived in the deep forests and traveled the oceans.  My foot chakra says to me:

“There is no Perfect. There is only Real.  Life is Magic.  Let the Divine Plan be your Plan.  Alchemy is a genuine process.  there is Magic happening underneath even if you can’t see it, it is still there holding space for you.  Beauty is everywhere.  Your intentions have power. You are always connected to Love.  Your place to grow is Earth.  You walk between realities.  Life is a timeless blend of Old and New, always evolving.  The new contains the old.  Your journey is just beginning.  Reaching through the worlds is your Medicine.”


I am trusting more, I am risking more, I am hearing more clearly the voices that support me in living my Original Medicine.  I have come here to this beautiful green planet to speak creatively for the Divine Spirit that lives within The Ancestral Earth and the beings that reside here.  My art is a multidimensional prayer and honoring of Love and Ancestry, the spiritual way of the Earth and Star Shamans.



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I am moving into the next level of the Soul Art® Certification with 635 days to come in my 1000 days journey.  Excited to see what is coming next!

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Living a Creative Life, deep in the woods of wonderful Washington State.
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4 Responses to 1 Year Anniversary of 1000 days Journey

  1. jotree says:

    My dearest sister

    I have just read your offering of your past year and where it has brought you and where you are planning to go…You are so inspiring me to begin… Half the year has passed me by and i now feel a calling .. It is time for change .. ifeel it in my bones ….Thank you again for your love and support.. <3

  2. Whinnie says:

    Chi Miigwetch, Jeanie, for sharing your dynamic, inspirational and loving journey.
    Beautiful story, art and spirit…

  3. Allurynn says:

    So powerful, such an amazing journey…so far. Your art is amazing!

  4. mel says:

    so good to hear from you, beautiful Jeanie – you are very often in my thoughts. i’m delighted to know that your journey has been such a blessed and rewarding one thus far….your voice joins other serendipitous ones to remind me of my own intentions, set aside by Life [no excuse, just avoidance]…and how much work i’ve yet to do. still, it’s welcome work…;)

    much love to you….so much. xoxoxo

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