Being Called by the Spirit of the Land

Kweq Smanit Nooksack name of Volcano in Whatcom County

Kweq Smanit Nooksack name of Volcano in Whatcom County ~ Photo by Michael Shawn


When I renamed my blog last month, and refreshed my banner photo with a shapeshifting theme, I had no above ground awareness of what was coming next.  “Mysteries of the Hollow Bone” has been swirling around me as a name, a theme, a vital truth to the message and method of my soul’s contribution to this “21st century world”.  And truth be told, these stories and energies that are clamoring for voice come from a much more ancient time and place, the origins of our unfolding spiraling Universe and the birth of planet Earth…. if you will grant me that.  I am a vessel that holds the Love of Divine Creation.  The more I say it, the more I feel it.

In 2008, the Grandmothers and Grandfathers of Kweq’ Smánit (our local volcano) as called by the Nooksack language and peoples who roamed these lands, explained to me that my “job” was as a vessel, an oracle for the Spirits of the Land where I was now living in the North Cascades.  I admit that unsettled me a bit.  It sounded like a monument,  a sacred trust, that a human person with ego must honor, understand and embrace with humility and surrender, acting truly as a Hollow Bone, without personal agenda clouding the process or the outcome.  Honestly it made me cry.  I knew I was home.  And this was my true calling.  I have felt the Spirits of place since I was born.  I have expressed their stories in my daily life without realizing my action.  I did know that I could feel the Love of the Eagle in flight, the crashing and smoothing of Ocean waves,  the leaves falling in Autumn, preparing Tree roots for the dreaming Winter ahead.  And now as I know my self and my role on Earth more fully, I am with intention sharing, expressing and celebrating the deep voices of Ancestral Earth.

Since then seven and one-half years have past.  The journey between now and then has been an initiation of sorts.  Forgetting, remembering, experiencing my voice in many mediums.  I had been a hands on healer with sound for many years previous, and knew moving into a new way of channeling Source would help me become more evolved as a vessel for the Spirit World.   I write, I sing, I paint, I sculpt, I drum, I flute, I talk to the Spirits of the Trees, the Animals, Elements, Mountains.  I make ceremonies of honor and healing and celebration.  I have expanded my strengths as a vessel, further cleansing the Hollow Bone as my Art is a deeply intuitive expression of my Soul’s wisdom and purpose.

I live upon the land where the Nooksack Indian Tribes lived and thrived for several thousand years.  They were fishers, gatherers of Fern, root and berry, and hunters.  The Mountains, the Rivers, the Forests and the Prairies were home.  I am hearing these voices of the enduring elements of the region where I live.  I am being called to speak on behalf of the Nature Spirits in my locale. They are speaking of freedom and preservation, honor, dignity, the right to thrive for all.  They speak of Love, community and co-creation.  The stories are of balance, and the natural cycles of creation, growth, receiving the gifts of harvest, preparing for the next generations, ultimately death, and rebirth.

I feel the Land asking for people who can hear and feel and honor the stories to come forward and share what they know and experience.  This Earth wants us to act in harmony with each other and all of the beings who live here.  She wants us to honor our places with the names that honor life and the deep connection with all beings and Herself.

I will continue to honor this place, and speak the images, words and feelings as they are communicated to me.  I will learn and grow and thrive with the Love of the Spirits of the Land.  It is my desire that we all prosper from the Love of this Earth community.




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When the Mystery calls us to Transformation


I’m feeling a deep need for shapeshifting in my life at this time.  It feels natural and good, the kind of growth that comes from expanding beyond the confines of old stories, old clothing, or limiting beliefs.

Wearing the new and chosen adornments, that fit us, the who we are now.

I’ve been feeling called back into the blog arena with a new focus and intention.  Soul’s Voice has been my blog for 3 years now.  Mostly I began it while my site was undergoing it’s own major transformations.  For awhile I was wondering if I really needed two websites?  I was unsure about a lot of things regarding who I was in the world, how I wanted to appear on the internet, and what was the truth of my medicine?  What did I truly offer, in my greatest strengths and vulnerabilities?  Could I shine as bright as the star that was burning in my belly?

I’ve decided to use Soul’s Voice as my primary blog for personal and creative transformative experiences.  It’s about me, and what I’m experiencing on my deep medicine journey.  I want to include more of the things I care about, from more angles: Health, nutrition, clean food, body presence, harmonious practices living in co-creation with Earth, Organic Farming, and things that I want to learn about and expand my wholeness, places my soul is urging me to go, learning more from the animals, plants and landscapes around me.

Last night, my partner showed me an article about the Orca whales in the PNW, about their extreme levels of intelligence, their brains that have more folds than humans.  I got an instant hit guiding me into following my ancestry into the sea with the Orcas. I can’t wait to see and feel where that takes me.

So, what I’m trying to let you know is my blog will be changing and growing and including more of me, more of my spirit, more of my longings, the edges I’m pushing, the curious mysteries I am following.  If that interests you, please come along.  I am moving away from the sound bites of social media  platforms and returning the place of writing out the stories, the details, living the way my body says “do it!”  Slowing, wisening, deepening, exploring.

The blog I have over at will likely be more about my art journey, when I’m releasing new paintings and services, that sort of networking energy.  You can sign up over there for that sort of news if you like.  

I am excited to keep going, and growing and shapeshifting my life.  Thanks for being on the journey with me.  Love hearing from you!

Blessings, Blessings, Blessings!

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1 Year Anniversary of 1000 days Journey

June 4, 2014 was the day I began documenting my “1000 day journey” with my body, my creative flow and my need to connect deeply with Nature.  Having deep roots in shamanic and other Earth based practices I knew that an extended shamanic journey with movement would reveal to me the belonging I was seeking, the co-creative identity with Earth and Spirit, that I longed to claim.

I began with a daily photo and blogging to document.  After a few months I was led to continue my Soul Art® journey in the Chakras to deepen my exploration of what was wanting to be expressed through me, my experience of Earth, body, Creativity and being what I now am calling a “Shamanic Ceremonial Artist.”

I dove head on into this Soul Art® Chakra Certification journey.  Crafting masks, encaustic wax, acrylic painting all through the lenses of each chakra in my Earth body and etheric body.  I opened and expanded, reflected and expressed hidden truths and old memories, allowing my self to move to another higher, more fully expressed incarnation of me.

I think it is visible in the evolution of my art over this past year.  It is visible in my teaching and guiding of Soul Art® clients, I have embodied more of the Truths of my “Shamanic Ceremonial Artist Soul.”

I found my path and lineage through the foot chakra.  I come from a long line of seers, artisans and healers.  I connect with my ancestors who lived in the deep forests and traveled the oceans.  My foot chakra says to me:

“There is no Perfect. There is only Real.  Life is Magic.  Let the Divine Plan be your Plan.  Alchemy is a genuine process.  there is Magic happening underneath even if you can’t see it, it is still there holding space for you.  Beauty is everywhere.  Your intentions have power. You are always connected to Love.  Your place to grow is Earth.  You walk between realities.  Life is a timeless blend of Old and New, always evolving.  The new contains the old.  Your journey is just beginning.  Reaching through the worlds is your Medicine.”


I am trusting more, I am risking more, I am hearing more clearly the voices that support me in living my Original Medicine.  I have come here to this beautiful green planet to speak creatively for the Divine Spirit that lives within The Ancestral Earth and the beings that reside here.  My art is a multidimensional prayer and honoring of Love and Ancestry, the spiritual way of the Earth and Star Shamans.



Chakra Book of Knowledge web



I am moving into the next level of the Soul Art® Certification with 635 days to come in my 1000 days journey.  Excited to see what is coming next!

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Deepening Process and Finding Clarity ~ 1000 days

Since my last blog entry documenting my journey of 1000 days and exploring what arises within me during the time, I have come to some welcome refining and clarity about what is important to me and how I want to express it.

So I have decided to stop making a big deal about counting.  It is still 1000 days of movement, introspection and connection with my body, spirit, Earth and creative process.  And the days still pass one by one.   I began on June 4, 2014.  The technical end date will be February  28, 2017.  I am still tagging and labeling the days on Instagram, yet my stories on the blog will be less regimented by structure and more about the images I share, the insights that linger and what feels like omens and signs, messages from the journey.  It is a quest after all, characterized by immersion and losing time, allowing metaphor and story to speak, sharing the subtleties and complexities while remaining simple and graceful and day to day beautiful.

I remain captivated by color, texture, magic and flow, darkness and light, elemental Nature.  I am curious with wonder and grateful for the ease I am experiencing in my life at this time.  My spinal flexibility and strength is growing and lightening the load of pain awareness.  I find old habits trying to sneak in:  poor posture, extra busyness to distract me being grumpy about losing my footing from time to time.  A perfect signal to let go even more, releasing the grip on perfect and orderly, surrendering to my art as voice of healing and spirit wisdom.

There are 21 days of photos below.  

Day 52 through Day 71 of 1000 days journey.

Truly they are about finding Love reflected over and over in everything I see.  And seeing myself in everyone I meet, feeling that we are connected by the beautiful spark that animates everything.  The power of self portraiture is growing within my art at this time.  Feeling the resonance with Ancestor wisdom and the stories we keep in our DNA.

I am settling deeper into my personal and professional truth that I am here to express beauty and reflect Divine Love through Art,  holding art as sacred ceremonial truth for the soul, sustenance for thriving on the planet.

1000daysDay52waxalchemy This summer I am making my own encaustic medium.  Melting beeswax and blending with Damar tree resin makes a more durable wax medium with hardness and luster, more transparency.  Not only will it cut costs with this high value art form, it brings me deeper still into the process, inviting alchemy to my experience of creating and interacting with the medium at more base levels.

1000daysDay53susan 1000daysDay59locuststand 1000daysDay53ravenfield 1000daysDay54talkingearth This day began another layer of the deepening journey into awareness and connection with Earth.  As part of an honoring ceremony for my body and Earth, my body has asked me to spend an entire year, laying on the Earth everyday for at least 30 minutes perhaps more, in all seasons and weather.  I felt some fear and challenge to accept this quest.  What if I couldn’t do it?  This is really gonna stretch me in inclement weather.  I’ll need to make big changes in my life.  “What will this do to me?”  My thought quickly morphed with the nudging of a wise voice within, “Who will I become?”

I am honored to find out.



1000daysDay57hearthome Water is my home.  My heart.  Reconnecting me to my city roots.  Living on a sacred waterway is a privilege I will not soon forget.

1000daysDay58scramble 1000daysDay60georgepark 1000daysDay61shell



Sky Feeder ~ Teresa Stern Artist  

Installation Carkeek Park ~ Seattle  (below)

1000daysDay62artpark 1000daysDay63heartwave 1000daysDay64freetobe 1000daysDay65healingthesplit 1000daysDay66mapleback A barred Owl came into the yard to hunt during one afternoon as I painted this Soul Art® piece for my Sacral Chakra.  I watched it hunt for mice 30 minutes.  It was beautiful to remain motionless to only my breath and heartbeat while the dance of life unfolded before me.  It was a gift to my witnessing the Sacred Marriage between matter and spirit, male and female, creation and destruction and the healing that is happening for me and my ancestral line as I live daily with honor for my life and the stories we make while living our time on Earth.1000daysDay67owlvisit 1000daysDay68sacmore 1000daysDay69freedomwax 1000daysDay70wisecookie


So I’m thinking 3 to four weeks at a time, perhaps becoming a monthly event for now, sharing on this blog is a good rhythm.  Especially during the summer when I all I want to do is be outside.



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Body Questing ~ 1000 days journey

Day37 venusDay 37 ~ Garden Art in the City (artist unknown)


Day38 wax artDay 38 ~ Encaustic Wax Painting Soul Art Chakra Certification


Day39 portalDay 39 ~ Portal Architecture


Day 40Day 40 ~ Gateway to the Shamanic Realms


Day41crowDay 41 ~ Crow


Day42 dragonflyDay 43 ~ Dragonfly


Day 43 cowgirlsDay ~ 43 Cowgirls


Day 43 ~ Soul ArtDay 43 ~ Soul Art® Certification


Day 44 seedsDay 44 ~ Columbine Seed Pods


Day 45 tideDay 45 ~ Tidal Roots


Day 46 catberryDay 46 ~Wild Cat Berries


Day 47 nestDay 47 ~ Nest


Day 48 clematisDay 48 ~ Clematis


Day 49 ancestor maskDay 49 ~ Ancestor Art,  Soul Art® Certification Chakras


Day 50 elliottDay 50 ~ Elliott


Day 51 sacDay 51 ~ Soul Art® Chakra Journey


I don’t have a lot of words today.  I am feeling very connected to my life.  I am deeply engaged with my creative process.  My Soul is calling me into healing, walking with my ancestors…I am answering the call to step into my full power as transformational artist, healer and guide.  My Life is a shamanic journey into truth and beauty.  Feeling the magic everywhere is a bounty I shall enjoy forever.

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Evolution Step by Step ~ 1000 days

1000daysDay26yellowfaceDay 26 ~ Revisiting the Yellow Barn

I drive this road a lot.  The road between my house in the Mountains and the biggest town that has a library (for Wi-fi), groceries and good coffee.  I take the farm roads through dairies, ranches and berry fields.  Next to the Blue barn I love, this is my favorite. The thing they have in common is their brokenness.  It appeals to a lost and forgotten feeling deep in my soul.  Of what once was, and still is standing and witnessing life unfolding all around.


1000daysDay27dupbridge 1000daysDay27horseshoeDay 27 ~ North Fork of the Nooksack  River

The Nooksack River is an Artery of Life in my region.  It travels through forests, farms and towns. This spot is where the rafters put in.  A white water paradise.  I come here to follow the river trail, breathe the mist and drown out my monkey mind with the deafening roar of water.  It works every time.


1000daysDay28redthreadDay 28 ~ The Red Thread

I received a red thread in the mail from a sister in New Zealand.  We are binding soul work with a group of women.  A few days after I received the thread, I found this on my travels.  Thank you Great Mystery for the reminder of your…..well, Mystery.


1000daysDay29bloodstoneDay 29 ~ Bloodstone


1000daysDay30hemmihouseDay 30 ~ Another Lonely House

My fascination with run down buildings is satisfied by my routine travels.  Although occupied, the appearance of this house with it’s weather beaten exterior inspires the storyteller in me to imagine the life of a lonely writer, sitting in the sun room, scratching a life onto paper (no computer), and gazing at the mountain connecting only with the spirits of Nature here.


1000daysDay31treespiritDay 31 ~ Ancestor Art

I’ve been working this painting in layers and stages for nearly 22 months.  It is becoming more of what it is meant to be in these past 12 months as I have turned my attention back toward listening more to my gut while making art.


1000daysDay32riverhouseDay 32 ~ Visiting Family

This is the view from my parents’ deck.  The overwhelming power of the River is ever present and adds it’s stimulating current to the wild beauty of the Trees.


1000daysDay33beeDay 33 ~ Stand in for “Aja”

On eve of Day 33 I photographed an album cover while jamming along with Steely Dan and cooking dinner.  For copyright reasons, I removed the photo from my Instagram feed.   I think this little bit of bee business holds space just nicely here.  And it makes my heart swell.


1000daysDay34footchakra Day 34 ~ Encaustic Foot Chakra “work in progress”

Back in  2011 -2012 I became a Soul Art® Certified Guide.  One of the insights that has unfolded for me since beginning my 1000 days journey vision quest was to continue my initiation with the Soul Art® Certification Program ~ Shaman Level.  I am opening to the flow of my full vital expression.  Stay tuned on my blog at for the unfolding story of my Soul Art® /Shamanic Oracle Art Journey.


1000daysDay35fireleafDay 35 ~ Fire and Earth

I love the elemental power of Fire.  The sun on Plant Life glowing and shadowing beauty, simple and profound.


1000daysDay36beeshadowDay 36 ~ Bee Shadows

There is magic in all seasons.  Insects and flowers are elegant in their primal dance.  And pink poppies delight.

1000daysDay36succulentDay 36 ~ The succulent garden at the foot of the Poppy


1000daysDay36sideviewDay 36 ~ “The view from here”

As I have the opportunity to live in both city and  mountain forest, I consider myself blessed many times over by the immense beauty of the region where I live.  The water has been calling me to return.  To lay my body on the Earth and receive her nurturing is the Medicine my Soul prescribes.  “The view from here” is a deep surrender to the Divine Earth.


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Reflections of 1000 days ~ deepening


1000daysDay18candy1000daysDay18saladDay 18 ~ Food!  

I am really enjoying the slower pace I am cultivating in my body.  Having a daily walk is regulating my feelings of timing.  I am paying attention to what my body really wants to express and to explore.  Sharing sweets with my sweetie is exciting and decadent, balanced out by a cool and spicy dinner meeting me with satisfaction after a busy day.


1000daysDay19hands1000daysDay19masksDay 19 is the Summer Solstice

To celebrate the Solstice this year I was in full on art mode.  I’ve been dancing with a painting for more than a year that has been whispering  for elements of texture and relief.  Casting from my elemental spirit body is the perfect addition to this upcoming work.


1000daysDay20chamomileDay 20 ~ Chamomile



Day 21 ~ Lychnis in the city



Day 22 ~ Encaustic Wax

This summer’s art exploration and skill building belongs to encaustics.  The slow and sensual act of melting and mixing, layering and building up, learning to torch with ease and grace is a meditative and grounding experience for my body.  There is purpose and poise, awareness and curiosity and color!  Oh, there is color!

 1000daysDay23dupfire1000daysDay23fireweedDay 23 ~Fireweed

Fireweed is my partner’s favorite wild flower.  It brings bees. Or rather brings his favorite honey flavor.  We have a few “old growth” fireweed plants in our trail to the creek.


1000daysDay24longhornDay 24 ~ Neighbors

I like to visit our neighboring ranches and farms to talk with the animals.  Having been a city girl most of my life, I still delight in getting up close with the 4 leggeds.

1000daysDay25friendsDay 25

Consulting old friends reminds me to slow down and appreciate the bonds we have between our selves and the earth and each other.  We belong to each other.

Each walk, each day I am remembering what life felt like before phones and computers and rushing to nowhere and everywhere.  I am remembering what matters to me.  I can hear my body express when she is tired, hungry, bursting with excitement, afraid, satisfied and overwhelmed.  My mind is clearing.  My spine is healing as I stretch and move with intention.  I am truly in appreciation of the life I am living.  And I can feel where I want to grow and expand.  I am less confused about the whirlwind of media and more certain of the voice that is mine.  And so far we are on day 25.  Now that excites me.


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Unfolding Witness ~ 1000 days ~ The Wise Body

Day eight yellowbarnDay Eight ~ Yellow Barn


Day nine Music on FireDay Nine ~ Music on Fire


Day ten maple mossDay Ten ~ Mossy Maples


Today is the 17th day of my quest into my body’s story of unfolding witness. I am beginning to feel the effect of repetitive motion upon my drive.I am hungry to go out walking every day.

I had worried at first that I would miss some days because life got busy or I was tired, or the weather was daunting. So far, no. That has not happened.

I have made space for myself to have time alone, to reflect in rhythm, to breathe deeply the cool air of our NW Spring to Summer transition. 

I am welcoming the new routine of prioritizing the movement of my sacred vessel instead of squeaking it in if time allows.  Putting the physical,  emotional, creative self first instead of the mental, intellectual, technical processes feels like a deep honoring of awareness for tending the needs of Earth.

Day eleven sentinel firDay Eleven ~ Sentinel Fir

Day twelve panelsDay Twelve ~ Gluing up Panels

Day twelve foxgloveDay Twelve ~ Foxglove


The Focus of my daily photo has already begun to shift from the original encounter along my walk, to the larger shamanic journey that is my daily life.  It is all the same lens, eyes of wonder and a grateful heart. I am eager for what I will encounter and create with each day’s quest.

I am growing roots into my journey, purpose that outweighs overwhelm or indecision. The desire to move deeper is holding me eye to eye with my intention and face to face with adventure.


Day thirteen cloudscapeDay Thirteen ~ Cloudscape


Day fourteen dropletsDay Fourteen ~ Droplets


Day fifteen tiny violetsDay Fifteen ~ Tiny Violets


The insights I am gathering from being with Nature in her most basic and common incarnations are guiding me toward a greater alignment with essential purpose.

I am finding new and complex ideas beginning to form, glimpses into a broader and richer life vision, the realization that this “simple” journey will yield much more than I can imagine. 


Day sixteen johnny jump up

Day Sixteen ~ Johnny Jump Up


Day seventeen heart fluteDay Seventeen ~ Finding My Heart


This Journey is quickly becoming 1000 days of magic at every turn as I am becoming more aware of my body and how magnificent it truly is with its basic need for movement and beauty.  That I can give myself what I need by listening with openness and responding with Love, seems so simple yet so often gets overlooked in our culture.  I am grateful that I have given myself this gift of deepening into daily life.

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A vision quest into my body ~The First week in 1000 days journey

Day 2 Maple Seeds on the Path

Day 3 Flowering Bush with Bumble Bees & Wild Rose

Day 4 Quartz Crystal

Day 5 Talisman & Tree Frog

Day 6 Creekside

Day 7 Allium, Flaming Rose, Spider and Rose

 At this point in the journey I find myself focusing on one day at time. The walks are easy to match the progress of the muscles around my spine. I am drawn to color and texture and life close up.  There is motion everywhere.  Life is unfolding quickly and maturing with the arrival of Summer. I feel the resonating language of beauty landing within my body as I invite myself to be engaged with her songs.  I am settling in.  Calling forth the turning Earth to teach me who I am.

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1000 Days Journey ~ An Introduction

Last weekend as I was out for a walk in my local park, I got the urge to explore some new territory within my beliefs about healing body trauma, stamina, commitment, fitness and my creative process.

I’ve received some strong information from my body lately, that it’s time to let go of past disappointments and hard feelings that I have held for too long.  Through the luck of a fender bender with a hit and run driver, I have been gifted the opportunity to slow down and feel, listen even more closely to the needs of my body and the stories that she wants to tell.

During my walk, I began by making a pledge to myself that if I were to walk everyday for an extended period of time, a sort of “walk-about,” I could access an altered state for feeling the rhythm of my body.   It would be an open door for this creative dialog that I have come to depend upon for making sense of Life these days.   So this 1000 days journey on which I am embarking is about creating a long term practice of ecstatic body fitness, deepening the grooves of two way communication between my body, my soul, my environment and my creative expression. I honor my body as the sacred oracle within this vision quest.

I am making the commitment to engage with myself daily for 1000 days in movement, receiving inspiration and expressing what I am learning from listening to my body.  A daily photo and a weekly blog post documenting the highlights of my creative discovery feels like a reasonable challenge and loving commitment honoring the experience of being present in my body within my daily life.

Today is being marked as Day One even though I began my “walk-about” 5 days ago.  1000 days is around 2.74 years so that means there is a lot of room for transformation.  I am excited to embark upon this open-eyed, open-hearted, shamanic journey sharing my gains and losses and insights.  (and beauty)


Day one: My body loves oranges, sweet and sour. Juice on my chin.  Chakra flowers, spinning wheels of creative desire.  When I was a little one, oranges were my favorite fruit.  Burning my cheeks while sucking the juice that fed my thirsty love for life.  I am connecting to my body’s pleasant memories of childhood when I eat oranges.

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